Disease Carrying Kids Invade America?

This morning was my youngest daughters’ first day of college (she took some summer classes), and my VFW Advisory Committee Meeting, so today has been crazy. Short notes this morning…

More post Primary Election commentary rolls in, this time explaining both the REASON PEOPLE VOTED FOR YEE (they’re stupid, uninformed and his opponents didn’t say anything) and the CA GOP HAS “SAVED ITSELF from certain destruction by not voting for Donnelly.

You may have head that the bill to ban Fracking here in California died in committee, which is going to get a lot of people yelling about about how dangerous and environmentally unsound the practice is. What you will also hear is about how much money “Big Oil” put into the campaigns of legislators to help kill the bill. What you will probably not hear and will be ToTaLly surprised is actually IN AN LA TIMES ARTICLE is that Democrats, like our own Catherine Galgiani, are among the biggest recipients of all that Big Oil money. What you will also be surprised to learn is that she and other Democrats did NOT vote against the moratorium, They just didn’t vote for it. Eight Democrats “abstained” from the vote, deadlocking it at 16-16 and thus killing it. Regardless of how you feel about the specific issue involved, is this the manner in which you believe that the State Government should operate?

A consideration that few have taken into account. Could it be that the illegal immigrant children being used to invade the United States right now, COULD BE CARRIERS of disease? Remember, these kids ARE going to be placed into our schools and public programs. They WILL be in contact with our kids.

A recent report that the State will spend some $2.5 Million to “BRING THE ARTS TO PRISONERS” is casing heartburn and derision. Some things to glean here, first of all, by Tim Robbins own admission this program provides no useful post-incarceration skills to the inmates. Is there value in having them act out plays? Possibly, there is education in wherever one cares to find it, but is this worth the expense given the current circumstances?


Join Dave and the American Red Cross to honor Stanislaus and Tuolumne County Heroes at the annual Heroes Breakfast. Wednesday June 11, 2014 at 7:15am at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in downtown Modesto. For tickets or to help sponsor the event, please call 209-523-6501.


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