For those of you who may have never seen it, Currahee Mountain is an imposing yet beautiful site as you make your way north on Hwy 365 into Toccoa, GA. I had the privilege of being stationed in Toccoa for about 18 months and virtually every day found an occasion to drive past that mountain. For many of our Vets, that mountain has significant meaning.

It was in this area from which the men who formed the 24th Georgia Infantry, Company H, the Currahee Rangers, were drawn during the Civil War. And when our nation later decided to form a Airborne Infantry Unit, it was to this mountain that many of them came. And it was those men who leaped from airplanes on June 6, 1944, to begin the greatest invasion of all time.

Not every monument in the world has to be made of granite. Some are made by nature herself. It’s not hard to imagine Currahee Mountain straining to grow even higher on D-Day to watch her men tumble out of their planes and hit the beaches. She reminds us today of their sacrifice and hard work.

If you ever make to Stephens County, Georgia, I recommend three things to do and see. Mickey Piggs BBQ in Alto, GA, the Toccoa Falls, and take the time to go up Mt. Currahee. If you’re really quiet, you can still hear the echoes of the men going three miles up and three miles down. And if you are very still, you can see that they are being watched over by the Rangers themselves.

A side note as to why this day matters so very much to me. Not only is is D-Day, but it is also my parents 53rd Wedding Anniversary. I am blessed with amazing parents and I love them both very much. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for everything, and congrats on starting the 54th year. May it be the best one yet.


Join Dave and the American Red Cross to honor Stanislaus and Tuolumne County Heroes at the annual Heroes Breakfast. Wednesday June 11, 2014 at 7:15am at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in downtown Modesto. For tickets or to help sponsor the event, please call 209-523-6501.


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