Finding the Silver Lining

Despite all their words and angry rhetoric, the truth is that Congress is unlikely to move at all on the #VASURGE anytime in the foreseeable future. “Politics as usual,” as usual, plus the opportunity to meddle in the Military Justice system and get their names in the paper will push other lesser scandals and nonsense onto the main stage. A bill to make it “easer to fire” VA officials is UNLIKELY TO GET A VOTE before Senators head out to France for the 70th Anniversary of D-Day. As second bill to USE CIVILIAN FACILITIES is being pushed by Republicans, but that will set up the typical Dem v Rep “Our Bill is Better” bullsh** and insure that nothing actually gets done for Veterans, while Congress and Administration Officials continue to get the best treatment and care taxpayer money can buy for them.

Perhaps the Silver Lining to be found in the recent Primary Election is the realization that Prop 14 has eviscerated choice in California. Website after website after page after page is filled with folks who don’t like the results of the Primary and are just now realizing that there will be no write in or alternative candidates in November. There also will be no lawsuits over it until at least 2017, when standing will come into play, but that will be long after Abel “What’s In It For Me” Maldanado has been long forgotten and Munger has moved on to some other financeable goal. In any case, people are starting to realize what a hideous and un-American thing Prop 14 really is.

In Stanislaus County there are over 200,000 registered voters, while in San Joaquin there are almost 300,000. Although barely 17% of those people voted, the Counties – all over the State – had to print enough ballots for all of the registered voters. If you are on the Right and didn’t vote, think about all the money you helped to waste. If you’re on the left and didn’t vote, think of how many trees were killed to print those ballots.

The last Navajo Code Talker of World War II HAS PASSED AWAY. We are losing the WWII generation faster than ever, and it is more important than ever to make sure that we make sure that their legacy and stories are secure and recorded.

The District 2 Stockton City Council race is STILL UP IN THE AIR

Nearly a million Californians “signed up for” Covered California and were added to Medi-Cal and now, thanks to a SNAFU, they STILL DO NOT HAVE COVERAGE. Whoops.

A newly proposed law in California, SB 1014, could mean that your neighbor who doesn’t like you might file a restraining order against you simply BECAUSE YOU OWN A GUN. Meanwhile the NRA is NOW DISTANCING ITSELF from a story on its own website asking Texas open carry folks to calm down.

Okay, I’m compelled to say this… there will be no impeachment of the President over the Bergdahl trade. Allen West, although we all love him, is not a member of the House. The votes aren’t there in the Senate, and by the time the House got around to get the Articles down, we’d be deep into the 2016 election anyway. Lindsey Graham saying that “IF HE DOES IT AGAIN,” is borderline laughable. So just stop it. And in the same vein, Sheriff Joe is NOT going to arrest Obama. Please stop sending me the story which is more than 2 years old anyway).


Join Dave and the American Red Cross to honor Stanislaus and Tuolumne County Heroes at the annual Heroes Breakfast. Wednesday June 11, 2014 at 7:15am at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in downtown Modesto. For tickets or to help sponsor the event, please call 209-523-6501.


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