Sort-of Election Day

You send your child to school, they arrive to find that their regular teacher for a given class is out that day, probably ill. In her place sits a frumpy older man behind the desk with a large painting of himself as Joseph Stalin on the wall above him. He assures you that he “does not care” what the administration thinks of the picture, and he proceeds to teach the class. How do YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT?

I heard yet another of my compatriots in this biz explain yesterday that how he “knew the President broke the law” is that he heard Jay Carney (and he had the clip) say that the President could not exchange any prisoners without giving the notice to Congress. He (the host who shall remain nameless by his name rhymes with “Andy Dean”) then exclaimed “That was over a year ago!” Again, this isn’t that difficult, and this biz REQUIRES us to be intellectually honest. The FACT is that the law changed… in January of THIS year, Andy, it’s available online and isn’t that hard to read for yourself or to have your staff read it to you if need be. Research, it’s what real Talk Show hosts do…

It’s sort-of Election Day, with new tactics being unveiled under the Prop 14 lunacy, and there will be few surprises today. My prediction stands, Ka$hkari will finish second in the Governor Race. Now, let me say here that (a) I did not vote for Ka$hkari, and (b) I personally hope that he doesn’t “win” and I will be happy if I am wrong. But, the GOP has quietly but forcefully worked to get him over the hump and above Donnelly for one simple reason – they know that Ka$hkari cannot win in November, but staunch Republicans cannot stomach the idea that they will be asked publically if they support Donnelly. They know that they do not want to vote for him, as Donnelly represents ideals and goals which are the polar opposite of what the GOP wants itself to be. But they also know that they will get hammered by the Conservatives for years of telling us that we “have to vote” for their milquetoast candidate because “the other guy wants to raise our taxes.” If Donnelly wins and it’s close, Ka$hkari will call for and self-fund a recount. The GOP is desperate that Donnelly not only not win, but hopes to beat him by a wide margin to save their vision of the future of the CAGOP.

There is actually another angle to this, as to why the GOP “prefers” Ka$hkari over Donnelly, and that is very simply, Ka$hkari represents a guaranteed payday for political consultants. Donelley doesn’t. So who ya gonna bet on? The horse that will pay YOU off even in a crushing November defeat, or the horse that might not make enough money to pay the light bill n the campaign office?

As for Prop 14, we have several races that were initially unopposed, but then a certified write-in campaign was launched at the last minute. Why does that matter? Under the law, if they get just one vote (assuming that there is only one write-in candidate certified), they move on to the November election. Seems hinky (sorry, Hickey, ba-dump-pish) to me, but it’s true.

In any case, if you haven’t voted already, go and vote. I reject the idea that your vote “doesn’t count.” A no-show vote is what enables incumbency.

For what some of my other predictions are worth:

CD-10: Denham and Eggman

DA Races: Fladager and Verber-Salazar (alas – I have nothing against Verber-Salazar, I just really like my DA’s drunk)

Sheriffs Races: Christianson and Withrow

BOS Dist 3: Terry Withrow

BOS Dist 4: Monteith

Prop 41 will pass, but shouldn’t, proving that the electorate won’t do its homework


Join Dave and the American Red Cross to honor Stanislaus and Tuolumne County Heroes at the annual Heroes Breakfast. Wednesday June 11, 2014 at 7:15am at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in downtown Modesto. For tickets or to help sponsor the event, please call 209-523-6501.


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