DA Wars Heat Up

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DA Candidate Frank Carson
IS AT IT AGAIN. My question is simple: if the DA is so corrupt and so evil, why isn’t there more outcry from Defense Attorneys all over the County? Where is the Grand Jury investigation? Why are the cases that are accused of being “corrupted” only seemingly defended by Frank Carson? Why were there no complaints about her corruption before the one case that Frank Carson is almost certainly involved in as at least a witness? Does Mr. Carson ever know what time it is? Mr. Carson is right, this complaint IS political. Submitting a motion with NO actual evidence, just accusations that cannot – and certainly have not – been proven, days before an election in which he seeks to embarrass and impugn his opponent smacks of politics. IF this allegation were true, wouldn’t a prudent candidate with no political axe to grind wait until Wednesday to file it? Or get another attorney to handle it? Why is there no conflict of interest in cases which Mr. Carson continues to handle during the election in which he can continue to batter and accuse the DA of impropriety? Did he not say – on my show – that he had handed off cases that would detract from the election? All except those cases related to and connected to one – a murder case in which Co-Conspirator C is ether a witness or involved somehow. And who is Co-Conspirator C? According to recent media reports, it may be none other than Frank Carson himself. Hmmm… so who is it that is using the case for politics?

The INSIDE PITCH: Several weeks ago a botched execution in Oklahoma brought the question as to whether or not the condemned man’s 8th Amendment right against cruel and unusual punishment had been violated. Now, this is NOT the argument as to whether or not he “got what he deserved,” or “he went easier than his victim(s) did.” That argument is about vengeance, this is about Constitutional rights. For the record, he did deserve to die and I have no issue per se with a death penalty. But, if we are going to be intellectually honest, then we have to accept that the execution of citizens by the State must fall within the limits of the Constitution and the law. READ THE REST of THE INSIDE PITCH HERE

Some of you have asked about my opinion on THE WORLD WARS, the mini-series on the History Channel that played over the Memorial Day Weekend. Overall, I give its presentation a “C.” For the average American viewer, it will give you a very broad and very 11th Grade Coach Russell level view of history*, which is to say that it is (a) not very detailed and (b) what details you will get are both out of context and out of order. There was, however, a point that I took from the show which was the constant refrain that “a bad economy enables the rise of ‘radical’ ideological groups.” Senator John McCain, as a featured commentator, made the point at least once, and it was repeated by several others.

This idea sent me down a path of thought which I had heretofore not really considered. If this is the general belief among both historians and politicians, then we have to accept that current and past political leaders have based at least some of their political and policy decisions on that idea. Given the rise of the Tea Party movement, which is clearly seen and labeled as “radical” by many politicians and their supporters, how hard is it to extrapolate that TARP and Stimulus were based in a idea that IF the economy were to collapse, the government would see a rise in “radical opposition” to itself? Despite the evidence, we are told over and again by both the Government and the media that the economy is getting better. Why? Is it as simple as the Government fears a rise of opposition?

The release of Army Sgt Bowe Bergdahl on Saturday is raising a great NUMBER OF CONCERNS AND QUESTIONS. Did the President violate the law in negotiating the release? Was trading five known terrorists for one Army Sergeant a wise trade? How and why was Bergdahl captured in the first place?

Hundreds of undocumented illegal immigrants are being bussed into Phoenix. The why is pretty obvious, the how, not so much, and the WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THEY GET DUMPED HERE is infuriating.

The economy continues to improve, right? The Modesto and Stockton ELEPHANT BARS ARE CLOSING. More than a hundred people will be out of work soon.

*Coach Russell was a beloved Girls Basketball Coach (now mercifully for history students retired with great fanfare) at my alma mater, Ogden High School. He is revered for his service to our school and his accomplishments on the basketball court. He was, however, a pathetically bad history teacher and his ignorance of both history and its importance were a constant irritant to one student who took him to task one spring morning after a particularly egregious error. The student was correct, but learned in the process that he shouldn’t take on popular jock teachers because while he may have gotten an “A” on the test, he found out what lengths will be gone to to protect an incompetent teacher who wins basketball games.


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