Christianity and the Killer

“Freedom, it has been said, makes people selfish and materialistic, but Americans are one of the most religious peoples on Earth. Because they know that liberty, just as life itself, is not earned but a gift from God, they seek to share that gift with the world. ‘Reason and experience,’ said George Washington in his Farewell Address, ‘both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle. And it is substantially true, that virtue or morality is a necessary spring of popular government.’ Democracy is less a system of government than it is a system to keep government limited, un-intrusive; a system of constraints on power to keep politics and government secondary to the important things in life, the true sources of value found only in family and faith.”

– Ronald Reagan, Moscow, 1988

An Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and also Women’s & Gender Studies at CSU-San Luis Obispo is claiming that the Santa Barbara killers hated of life was rooted not in World of Warcraft or Seth Rogen films, but in CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN VALUES. Yep, you read that right. She explains that while the PUA’s are misogynists, they came after and simply adopted the VALUES that Christians have towards women, since – in her view as an Ass. Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies, Christians treat women as “submissive.” I’ll be the first to say that the PUA view of women is not based in a view looking to a relationship but purely in the view of sex, and I’ll agree that some people use religion as a control mechanism, but I reject the idea that Christians see women as “pieces of meat,” to be used solely for the purpose of relieving sexual tension. I’m not clear on how anyone who reads the Bible can come to that view. It does strike me as odd though, that this Ass. Professor fails to see that here in America, a man thinks to to get what he wants sexually, he needs to “have game,” while in some pats of the world, say Nigeria, all he needs is a gun. The Ass. Professor acknowledges that the killer “was not directly influenced by conservative Christianity,” but that doesn’t matter to her. She still points the finger of blame not at the Jerk who did this, but at ya’ll “Conservative Christians,” by which I presume that she means Christians who did not vote for Jimmy Carter or Obama.

Follow me here… Boko-Haram is a sanctioned organization and thus subject to US action. But the Nigerian Government has “human rights abuse” sanctions against it, so even if we develop intel as to where the girls are, it’s NOT CLEAR THAT WE CAN LEGALLY SHARE IT with the Nigerian Government, which says that they now where the girls are anyway, but it’s too dangerous to try and go get them. So what’s the point of sending US Military Personnel, you, know, the BEST HAMMER IN THE WORLD, to hit this nail?

The EPA is still busy bypassing Congress to do battle with the evil Carbon Dioxide, which it has declared a “pollutant.” Now standby for even more regulation of something that cannot be regulated by human beings, only the Earth herself can do anything about in a way that will force us to adapt or die. This time, ENERGY PLANT REGULATIONS will drive up the cost of electricity.

As of right now (Thursday morning), Eric Shinseki still has his job as Secretary of the VA. Why? He says that he’s “COMMITTED TO  RESTORING INTEGRITY” to the VA Medical System. He cannot do that by staying on the job, and I would expect a Major General to know that.

Mayor Silva is having a rough go of it again. This time he wanted to hire an assistant for his office and give each borough a “discretionary fund,” to spend as it sees fit (yes, in the face of the bankruptcy ruling), but instead the City Council REJECTED THE IDEA IN FAVOR OF THE SHOT SPOTTER SYSTEM. They Mayor says that this is “political grandstanding” and yet another attempt to “stop the Mayors office.”


Join Dave and the American Red Cross to honor Stanislaus and Tuolumne County Heroes at the annual Heroes Breakfast. Wednesday June 11, 2014 at 7:15am at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in downtown Modesto. For tickets or to help sponsor the event, please call 209-523-6501.


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