I Swear to Uphold and Defend

Thirty-three years ago today, I enlisted in the US Navy. I skipped the last day of school to go to Salt Lake City and go through through the processing, made it home just in time to get to my High School Graduation, where I was informed that due to my “unexcused absence,” I would not be allowed to walk. My Creative Writing teacher, and one of the biggest influences in my life, overheard the conversation and came over to ask why I missed school. When I told her why, she looked at the person the desk and said, “That is the best excuse for an absence I’ve ever heard.” They handed me my cap and gown and that’s basically all I remember of that event. Except for the picture of me standing beside the building after it was all over. It’s funny sometimes how those who teach can accomplish more than they ever know. I always hoped that  Mrs. Thompson, who has long since passed on, knew how much influence she had on me and how much of her teaching I still use today. And how much you benefit from her efforts in how and what I do both here and on the air. She was a Teacher, not just  teacher.

I also wish that, standing in that room with probably fifty other guys and gals, I had actually understood what I was taking an oath to “preserve and defend.” Life is  journey of learning, and while I did not fully understand it that day, the promise meant that eventually I would have to learn it to the degree I would need to be able to help preserve and defend the Constitution. What I have learned since is that it’s harder than we think, because the biggest threat to liberty was never the Commies or even the Nazis. The biggest threat to the Constitution is apathy and avarice, right here at home. And the Framers knew that and did everything that they could to warn us and protect us from those who crave power.

And that is why my oath still applies today.

The President announced yesterday the “end of the war” in Afghanistan. But not… yet. Troops will remain for at least a year, presumably for Combat and Patrol purposes, and then we will eventually abandon our Embassy by leaving just the crew to man it there. Look, the Taliban were a part of 9-11 through their association with and protection of UBL. He’s dead, they’ve been pounded. There is NOTHING in Afghanistan worth another American life. We have given the people there the opportunity to stand for themselves. If they do it, great, if not, it isn’t really our problem.

The pot got stirred again yesterday when Edward Snowden claimed that HE WAS TRAINED AS A SPY by the United States. Whether you believe his story or not, and to me, it has a ring of authenticity to it, it opens up  huge problem for the US Government, doesn’t it?

The man arrested last week for Child Porn after his SD Card was found – with his own picture on it – in a dumpster behind a local Yogurt place made his first appearance in Court. Now we know just how f’d up this guy is. He had a PICTURES OF  FIVE YEAR OLD GIRL on his drives. I’m sure that he’ll clam mental issues and that it’s all “somebody else’s” fault that he’s a pedophile.

I am equally certain that the media and government will make a far bigger splash over the PASSING OF MAYA ANGELOU than they will over the next Soldier killed in the line of duty or even than they did last weekend, you know, the first one of summer…

Is the Government using its control of the Banking Industry TO KILL BUSINESSES it doesn’t like? Does an EAB work underwater? (Hint, Yes)


Join Dave and the American Red Cross to honor Stanislaus and Tuolumne County Heroes at the annual Heroes Breakfast. Wednesday June 11, 2014 at 7:15am at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in downtown Modesto. For tickets or to help sponsor the event, please call 209-523-6501.


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