Bitter Misogynists Demand Dating Training Program

With all the issues of Common Core and generally PC curriculum here in the States and the world today, it’s actually kind of refreshing to see a change to classics reading lists for simple reason that the guy in charge of the list, DOESN’T LIKE SOME OF THE BOOKS.

An unforeseen blowback of the Affordable Care Act is that hospitals are now DOING AWAY WITH CHARITY Care. Why? Why should they provide it if everybody can get coverage? There is another, related question that I have from this story that I will get into this week, which is simply this: Wages (Income) are taxed, but benefits are not. If the VALUE OF BENEFITS EXCEEDS THE VALUE OF WORKING, what happens to a society?

Congressman John Conyers will be on the ballot after all in Michigan because, well, BECAUSE A JUDGE SAID SO, that’s why.

The Santa Barbara attack has people on edge everywhere. While it’s still a pretty raw nerve, I think that there are some VALUABLE INSIGHTS IN THE 141 PAGE “manifesto” of the would-be ruler of the Earth and known universe. First, one can pretty much presume that the Man-i-festor was not raised in a environment of Conservative or even traditional moral values. Its very clear that even at a young age, not getting his way or wants is an unsatisfactory condition. Frankly it makes me want to tell Ben “No,” a whole lot more and help him not develope a sense of entitlement or intimidation to motivate others to do his will.

One of my wife’s favorite films is “Some Kid of Wonderful,” a film which doesn’t work because – as one reviewer cogently pointed out – it is impossible to believe that Erik Stotlz was some kind of social pariah and ugly and unable to get any girl he would set his mind to getting. Just look at a picture of the kid in question here. Does he impress you as being “ugly” or socially outcast? His father is a Hollywood Director. He actually has an IMDB credit himself. What kid wouldn’t like to have that as an introductory pick-up line, and who actually believes in 22 (okay, let’s call it 7) years at least one vapid phony blonde wouldn’t fall for it? It’s quite clear that this kid had issues with women that were Ted Bundy-esque and went far beyond not getting any at college. A quick read through indicates his hatred for women and I am sorry, but that kind of hatred doesn’t come from not getting a date. If it did, Utah would be a paradise for mass murderers. It comes from something deeper and something less obvious, it comes from – in my opinion –  lack of a value system and misunderstanding that women aren’t just sex toys to pleasure his stupid and depraved fantasies.

But consider this for a moment, especially if you have teenage or young college age daughters: Do you want them trying to learn in an environment where – in order to “prevent” an incident – they are required to date or deal with in a PC way every boy (or girl?) that asks them out? Don’t think that that might happen? I’ll bet you lunch at my favorite burger joint that right now some schools are coming up with the idea of a pamphlet or training to “teach girls how to deal with aggressive potential dates.” Instead of dealing with the actual problem, maybe we can have another in a long line of useless hashtags, “#dontbeajerk?” (Or as it turns out #YesAllWomen)

Maybe I am a little bitter here, but I feel no sympathy whatsoever for a 22 year old good looking kid in college with his own car and enough money to do what he needs to do who “can’t” get a date. Sorry, I’m supposed to buy this sh**? He cant find one broad to fit the bill? Come on, you must be doing something seriously wrong, as Jack Burton would have said. The truth is that if he had gotten a date, she’d be dead now and he would have been in jail or a mental institute after a sensational trial in which the kid would have been seen for what he was – an mentally ill hater of women.

The outcry about the NRA over this issue, the father of the one victim claiming that this whole thing is the fault of gun rights advocates, is particularly galling. “Where is the outcry over the knife?” is the easy way out to attack the issue, but a better way to deal with it is to use the attackers own words. “Women,” he wrote, “should not have the right to choose who to mate and breed with. Women are like a plague. They don’t deserve any rights.”

At the end of the day, this wasn’t “caused” by the NRA or even a gun or a knife. It was caused by a self-indulgent, woman hating, prima donna who thought he could force his will on the world. I ask one question: how is that any different from every other mass murdering ideologue in the history of humanity? It’s time now, to face facts and stop making excuses for him or to seek others to blame for his actions.

Late additions: It seems that there is an entire internet sub-culture of people who hate women because they cannot get dates. Believe it or not, they’re called the PUA Haters (Pick-up Artist) and they have issued threats following the Santa Barbara attack that more people will die if they don’t get some kind of training program for those who can’t chat up girls on their own. I am serious. Also, it seems that the focal point of Man-i-festus boy was one girl who literally, barely even knew that he existed



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