Hey, We Gotta Spend that $3.5 Billion on Something…

A newly released poll shows that Neel Ka$hkari HAS CUT INTO TIM DONNELLY’S LEAD. Duh. Kas$hkari has dumped a whole lot of money – way more than you or I will ever make – into a primary race in which he now is no longer trailing a convicted sex offender. Enter, stage left, Charles Munger, the hefty GOP donor who is infusing the Kas$kari’s campaign with even more money, the general GOP panic over being left with Donnelly as their guy and you should be able to see what I can see coming less than two weeks out from Election Day. Establishment Republicans and their sycophants in the State are absolutely in a panic right now, since they live by the mantra, “Conservatives MUST vote for our Candidate but we don’t have to vote for theirs.”

By now you’ve heard of Tom Steyer, the billionaire ho made his money in the hydrocarbon industry (oil and natural gas) and is now using his ill gotten gains to PROMOTE THE GOSPEL OF CLIMATE CHANGE and fighting the evil CO2 gas. By the way, did you ever wonder about the effects of increasing CO2 on plant life in a drought climate? I did, so I looked it up. Turns out that higher levels of Carbon Dioxide help plant in drought climates to grow larger, bear more flowers and fruits, have deeper roots and survive better. Seems to me that in a drought we’d want to have a bit more CO2 rather than less.

It’s like we’ve become stupid or something. State Senator Ricardo Lara, in a move to out pander the GOP on immigration, has announced a bill to expand Medical to undocumented illegal immigrants. The good news is that he estimates IT WILL “ONLY” COST AROUND $350 MILLION A YEAR, which is okay because things are going great, you know, ahead of Budget Predictions and we have that $3.5 Billon “Budget Surplus” that we just have to spend on something, right?

You want to know what happens when you keep blaming your predecessor – at least as long as it isn’t the President? If they happen to still be around, they eventually snipe right back at you. SUSD Outgoing Superintendent Steve Lowder is FINDING THAT OUT THE HARD WAY over some comments he made about his predecessor, Carl Toliver.

Stanislaus County Leaders have “informally” AGREED TO PUT A TRANSPORTATION TAX on the 2016 Ballot. So once again the only solution to a problem is to raise taxes. And if we don’t, guess what will happen (massive cuts) and who will be blamed (the ignorant voters)?

I am not sure if its just that it’s the French, or if it the incredible stupidity of it all, but the fact that France has ordered some $20.5 BILLION in NEW TRAINS THAT DO NOT FIT THE TRACKS is both funny and a lesson to California’s HSR shills. Mistakes are expensive. Mistakes will be made. Are they worth it?

Got to hand it to the Oakland A’s last night. They got a single hit all night, but PULLED OUT A 3-2 WIN.


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