Medical Follies

As I waited for my knee surgeon appointment this morning, I watched THE PRESIDENTS VA PRESSER. Obviously I’ll have a bit more to say about it later today, but my main impression watching it live was that it was fake.

Former NFL Players have FILED A LAWSUIT alleging that the NFL essentially drugged them and then forced them to play football. I understand their position, but I am not sure that I believe it 100%. Why? well, I had to get another cortisone shot this morning for my knee which was basically destroyed after the initial injury aboard ship by continuing to play Navy sports and later amateur sports because I wanted to play. The machismo involved with sports and the whole “I gotta be on the field” attitude is the real problem.

Today at 5pm EST is the deadline for public comment on the proposed FEDERAL BIO-SURVEILLANCE PLAN? Did you even know that there was one?

Trust me on this, the only Democrats who agree to BE ON THE BENGHAZI COMMITTEE will be there for the sole purpose of gumming it up.


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