Whiney Robocalls

In case you missed it, and you might have, Tardy Carson is RUNNING ROBOCALLS AND STILL WHINING about 24 wiretaps in investigations. Again, to me, 24 (I do not count the Shooting Incident tap) wiretaps in an organized crime infested county of 500,000 people doesn’t seem all that much to me. Is t possible that the DA is abusing her power and just listening in to whomever and to whatever she decides to listen I suppose that it is, but f we apply Occam and common sense, it seems to stretch the limits of believability. A Judge signed off on these wiretaps after they were requested by Law Enforcement. So why is a man who threw his secretary and my producer under the bus over a simple thing like being late still going on about this issue? And really, is this THE issue in his campaign? And if so, why?

After the “Summer of Recovery,” the “Autumn of All Right,” the “Winter of It’s All Wonderful,” and the “Spring of Starting Over,” Democrats are deeply worried that they MIGHT NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO BUY ENOUGH VOTES to stay in power.

Mayor Silva of Stockton got hammered by the GRAND JURY REPORT into last years leaks and City Manager recruitment process. And he should have been. What we have now is an opportunity for Mayor Silva to grow a bit. The old Mayor would have held a presser to denounce the findings and cry about how he is being persecuted. Hopefully this time he will just learn from his rather large error and move on. But history tells us to expect the former.

So I have been a DirectTV subscriber for about a decade. I use them for one simple reason, the NFL. No other service offered Sunday Ticket, although that is slowly moving online. So when AT&T, one of my personal (as you know) least favorite telecommunications companies BOUGHT UP DIRECTTV yesterday, I was a little nonplussed. You probably don’t care, until you consider the economics and the creative destruction of the situation. Consider: DirectTV is based in Los Angeles, i.e., a California company with California jobs. AT&T is based in Dallas, i.e. a Texas based company. Even Jerry Brown should be able to see what is coming.

The Navy is now claiming that the 18 HOUR SCHEDULE that we submariners of the Cold War lived was an “error” and that we were tired because of the six hour on, twelve hours off schedule. Nonsense. We were tired because of the drills and training during the twelve hours off.

Some days I wonder if Colleges are really where I want to send my daughters. They have become INSTITUTIONS OF CONFUSION AND POLITICAL CORRECTNESS instead of higher learning.

If Miami is going to be underwater in a hundred years, what does it matter if they BUILD AN ENTERTAINMENT CENTER on an archeological site? 


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