The Return of the SLA

Contemplating the beauty of nature

Contemplating the beauty of nature

I suppose that I have been bitten by the Yosemite bug. Over the weekend I did the most “Just Like My Dad” thing that I know how to do and took my family to the Park for a picnic lunch. Ben had a ball and it was great spending family bonding time in that amazing place.

Lots of blowback about the new Modesto Police Department Badges. Before you get bent out of shape about them, I was told by the Chief himself that the cost of the new badges ($24,000) is being covered not by tax money but by the sale (to the officers) of their old badges. In effect, a one-for-one exchange. The Officers agreed to this, and frankly, the badges look cool.

Does the name James Kilgore, ring a bell? It may or not for older (my generation and above) folks. Mr. Kilgore was a member or the SLA, the so-called Symbionese Liberation Army which was a domestic terrorist group most famous for kidnapping and brainwashing Patty Hearst into joining them in a bank robbery and murder. They had their few weeks of murder and mayhem, before they ran away like the cockroaches that there were. Enter James Kilgore. He was one of the last of the SLA run to ground – in South Africa. After he was released from prison in 2009, he would be allowed to teach as a Professor at the University of Illinois, until recently when a local newspaper put it all together and fingered him as a domestic terrorist. The Board of Regents terminated his contract and he is now without a job, and believe me, he’s ticked off about it. He’s FIGHTING TO KEEP HIS JOB TEACHING by arguing that he has a perspective unlike most other teachers.

It seems that the Administration KNEW back in 2008 that the VA WAIT TIMES ARE INACCURATE. I am sure that the pivot this week will be to the traditional “We Inherited a Mess” and “Bush Did It” mantra’s.

Over the weekend David Tran had a bit to say about THE WAY CALIFORNIA IS TREATING HIS COMPANY, Huey Fong Foods, makers of delicious and wonderful Sriracha sauce.

Want to have your mind blown? How about a theoretical scientist that has looked the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation and concluded that it PROVES THE EXISTENCE OF MULTIPLE UNIVERSES? Thanks to my good friend Brian Brawdy for finding this article. 


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