Scott Johnson Is Back – Close Your Small Business

I mentioned yesterday the apparent return of perverted lawyer Scott Johnson who is now making the rounds in Manteca doing what he does, which is make a rather large living by shaking down businesses he has decided are violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It’s even worse than you think.

So here’s the scam this guy – and other degenerate dirtbags pull – and before we go any further, remember that everything they do is within the letter of the law, which is written by Legislators, who’s campaigns are funded by donations from people who want the laws to work to their advantage. Scumbag Lawyer sends his “Legal Assistants” – who in this case are also required to dress, undress, bathe and feed him all while his interior cameras are aimed at their breasts – enter a business, almost always a small business unlikely to have extensive reserves or insurance, and literally case the joint for ADA violations, no matter how small.

Later, the Dirtbag files a massive lawsuit claiming that the ADA violations amount to discrimination and then he waits for the business, which has little opportunity to afford an actual defense, which by the by is unlikely to work anyway due to the letter of the law being the issue here, and then offers to “settle” for what appears on the surface to be a reasonable sum – reasonable in the sense that in no way shape or form was this scumbag harmed at all to begin with – and sits back and waits for the inevitable surrender.

What you didn’t know before today is that the State of California has an “add-on” law called the UNRUH ACT, which actually limits the damage amount for any one count of “discrimination” under the ADA to a “mere” $4000. The problem is two fold – first multiple “counts” add up fast. But second, under the Unruh Act, the plaintiff’s legal fees are subject to award by the Court. In other words, this scumbag, who is representing himself as the plaintiff even though he was not in any way harmed, can file  lawsuit alleging a mere one count of “discrimination” and you’re on the hook for $4000 AND WHATEVER HE DECIDES HIS LEGAL COSTS ARE – in some cases as much as $100,000.

This is nothing more than a legally endorsed shakedown. If you object, the PC Police descend as you clearly “hate” the disabled,” and if you capitulate, most likely your business is done. Or you can, no doubt, pay for the modifications required (usually in the restrooms) and then you can send him a few grand a month pretty much forever as a part of the settlement.

Before you start screaming about how unfair and unseemly this is, ask yourself a few questions:

  • How is it possible that the Congress of the United States AND the State Legislature meant for this abuse to happen?

  • Why are more than 40% of all of the Nation’s ADA Lawsuits filed in California?

  • Why haven’t they done anything – not a single effective thing – to stop it? (SB 1186 stopped “Demand Letters,” but not suits)

  • How much money do Trial Lawyers give Politicians in Congress and the State Legislature?

Now you start to see the problem, huh?

Small business that employ people are endangered and harassed by people who’s sole interest is taking their money and their jobs away. It’s no different than any other shakedown scam in the country, except that it hides behind the legal system.

And it never mentions the Justice system, does it?

Some reading about ADA Lawsuit abuse:

ADA Will Not Lead to Endless Litigation (2013 CalWatchDog)

Lawsuits by the Disabled: Abuse of the System? (2008 Time)

Anatomy of an ADA Lawsuit (Neil Dymott)

Today on the show, Filmmaker Joel Gilbert on his latest film, “THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE UTOPIA,” about the expansion of Socialism in the United States.


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  1. You know after listening to other friends and businesses destroyed by this man. It seems that nothing can be done to stop him. He must be such a bitter person. I love my town of Manteca Ca. I love the stores and the people. Unfortunately…our business has been targeted by this iduvidual. The stress of thinking I may lose my job and the store i helped build is killing me. What can we do? If I see this man out on the street or in a store…………………..:-)


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