Sacramento, Vietnam

“Anyone with gumption and a sharp mind will take the measure of two things:

                                            what is said and what is done.”Beowulf 286-289


We’ve been talking since last fall about the problems California seems to have with Sriracha, the most American of immigrant built companies I can think of off the top of my head. When you read the story of the refugee VESSEL HUEY FONG and her 2700 passengers (FACEBOOK PAGE HERE), you begin to realize the deep appreciation that these people fleeing a tyrannical communist dictatorship have for the United States of America.

David Tran arrived in Los Angeles in 1978 after paying $11,500 to escape wit just $100 in his pockets. From there he built Huey Fong Foods, a multi-billion dollar juggernaut led by it’s delicious and ubiquitous Sriracha Sauce. He’s a guy who doesn’t say a lot, but HE DOES DO A LOT.

On the other side of the ledger is the Government of the State of California, led by bushy browed Jerry Brown, a man who inherited his fortune from an oil industry family and has spent his lifetime talking a great deal, and accomplishing very little of any actual import and virtually nothing of benefit to anybody except his political cronies. Brown says that things are getting better in California, that we have something called a “budget surplus,” which any first week Accounting student would know means that the budget is wrong and there is no surplus, and he keeps talking about “creative destruction” in getting businesses to leave the Golden State for Texas and North Dakota. But in all of that he continues to say that he doesn’t want businesses to leave and he thinks that things here are just dandy.

So we come to the point where a multi-billion company that employs hundreds and contributes millions of dollars to the States coffers both directly and indirectly, is hounded to the point of leaving the State by four households complaining. More telling are THE COMMENTS OF DAVID TRAN, a man who certainly knows a thing or two about being chased out by repressive communistic totalitarian governments. He says that California’s actions aren’t all that different from Vietnam’s back in the day.

California’s Government says a lot, but what does it really do?


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