That Didn’t Take Long…

I suppose that among the many question questions that I could have asked a surprisingly rational and normal Mayor Silva last night was “Where you headed tonight?” The answer was, TO THE SUSD MEETING to once again, be Mayor Silva. I am, as you may know, a former Boys & Girls Club Executive Director, and I have some idea of how these programs need to be operated to be successful.  Let me also add here that I didn’t want to be at the Boys and Girls Club, I was assigned there, pretty much against my will and took on a club that had around $300,000 in debt and a net monthly deficit of just over $2000. Four years later there as a net monthly operating fund of well over $2000, and the debt was down to right around $40,000. So again, I know something of what it takes to operate these clubs. And the biggest reason they got into the mess to start with, was paying each of their Board members a salary in the six figure range, including the Mayor.

On those not so rare occasions when you think to yourself, “I wonder what useless, waste-of-time, boneheaded bill the State Legislature is up to today?” just consider that they are not in New York where one of the biggest issues recently was whether or not to NAME YOGURT THE OFFICIAL STATE SNACK.

Would you like to know what it’s really like to live in an actual Communist city? There is one, you know. And it’s right here in the western hemisphere, HAVANA, CUBA TO BE EXACT. And it isn’t on the standard tour for tourists.

The Military now says that Climate Change is a threat for global climate conflict. As odd as it sounds, I am going to agree with the idea that is presented HERE, but  am also going to add that they have simply renamed the three causes of war, militarism, nationalism and colonialism (Ray Miller, 1978, Pueblo South High School), to “Global Political Threat driven by Climate Change.”

Is the maker of delicious and wonderful Sriracha plotting TO MOVE TO TEXAS? Is the cosign of a 45 degree angle equal to its sign?

Today on the show we talk with Modesto Police Chief Galen Carroll about the 911 call Center Report, and my good friend DOUG JOHNSON about the Sterling, the Wannabe and the Boehner.


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