I guarantee this, 100%: as the show opens today, you will hear the audio of Frank Carson blaming Kevin for his being late to the Town Hall yesterday. You will hear him stumble through his explanation that “Kevin told me six o’clock,” instead of saying, “Hey, I forgot,” or “Court ran long,” or “You know what? It’s my bad and I apologize to the audience for being late.” You will hear him say tat it was Kevin’s fault for giving him a wrong time to be on the show that Kevin produces. And as your mind tries to understand how Kevin could plausibly or even possibly do that, you’ll begin to understand that a man who will lie about 5:00pm, will lie about anything.

Oh, and here’s the eMail proving that Frank Carson lied to you. Additionally, the dance we had to go through to even get Mr. Carson to show up proves that he lied yesterday and prefers to blame others for his own errors. On Friday, Mr. Carson PERSONALLY confirmed on the phone, 5pm with Kevin. Either he can’t keep track of multitasking events – an odd issues for a man who wants to be the DA – or he’s a man looking for somebody else – anybody else – to blame for even the simplest errors in his performance. One has to wonder how that character issue will work out in the DA’s office?

I get that some of you have issues with current District Attorney Birgit Fladager. So do I and I have asked her on the air about the issues that I have with her. But voting for a man who will lie and blame somebody else about what time he’s going to be on a show, is not going to solve whatever issues you have.

And for the record, if your not the Mayor and you had a question for the DA, and you didn’t like my questions, you had ample and plentiful opportunity to ask that question. YOU should have gotten up and asked YOUR question. The fact that YOU waited until after the losing subroutine had started to demand to ask YOUR question and then threw a thrombo about it PROVES that your faux outrage was staged. Everybody there saw through your little act. #lofi

This little story about a Gang of Rats SURROUNDING A PLAYGROUND will give you an idea of how disgusted I felt at times yesterday.

Despite the concerns about the new “Interim” City Manager, it looks like the City is going to go ahead and AGREE TO THE CONTRACT  anyway.

If you drive I-5 in Stockton, you may want to READ THIS. A whole lot of on-ramps are going to be closing over the next months for construction. Which isn’t going to be all that different for now, is it?

Today on the Big Show, the Stanislaus Farm Bureau and Baxter Black! (without the snake)


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  1. Is there an audio link to this town hall you hosted?


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