Sanctions, Schmantions

The real problem with “sanctions,” is that you have to have that special something that the other side actually not only needs, but wants. Wants really badly. In the case of the Soviets, er, Russians, what exactly are we “sanctioning?” So far it seems that we have stopped Elton John from performing in Finland, which is odd in that Sir Elton is British and Finland is not in Russia. Although in fairness, the arena he was scheduled to play in is owned by a Russian. But here’s the question – how many Finns are going to scream at Putin over not being able to see Elton John in person? In the meanwhile, the Soviets, er, Russians, have decided to do a little sanctioning of their own in the form of RAISING NATURAL GAS PRICES to Ukraine, thus putting more pressure on them to capitulate or freeze. Now which “economic sanction” do you think is going to have more effect on the hearts and minds – not to mention the fingers and toes – of the people involved?

This column caught my eye over the weekend, and in the process of deconstructing its argument I came upon a realization about the “National Popular Vote” issue as well. Obviously we will not get to this on Monday, but we will later in the week, so READ THROUGH THIS COLUMN from a leftist view about how to stop companies from leaving California (and New York and Illinois) and see if you can come up with the reason why this – and the NPV – should not be allowed to happen.

In the interim, a new book is exploring the loss to California IN TERMS OF ACTUAL DOLLAR VALUE, the departure of capital is having on the State.

Thanks to a good high school friend, Air Force Vet, and fellow trombonist – for pointing this article out to me. Did you know that we are still paying for Civil War pensions? If you like history at all, THIS IS A MUST READ.

Did you know that last weekend was the “WORLD SERIES OF BIRD WATCHING?” The big controversy is – wait for it – technology! Some people use it, some people don’t. To watch birds. Competitively.

As for Michael Sam, the OPENLY GAY LINEBACKER DRAFTED by the St. Louis Rams, I would point out a couple of things. First, he was a final round draft pick, mainly because he really hasn’t shown that he has NFL “stuff” when to comes to his game play. If the Rams were looking to make a social-political statement, they’d have drafted him in the 3rd or 4th rounds, then after a season or two on the taxi squad let him go. So I don’t think that the Rams were trying to look good. Maybe they see him as something like a situational player with some potential and figured that they didn’t have the gravitas to sign him as a free agent, so they spent the 7th Rounder on him. In any case, it’s pretty clear that nobody in the NFL thought much of him as a football player, and this being the 21st Century when companies and organizations are trying to one-up each other on being pro-gay, it’s hard to believe that they all passed on him because they didn’t “want the distraction.” It’s free publicity and marketing. So my guess is that his entire claim to NFL legitimacy is that he is a gay football player, not a football player who happens to be gay – which has already been done. Maybe all this doubt about him will put a chip on his shoulder. While attitude and determination can go a long way in NCAA ball, in the NFL it’s a whole different level, where skills count above everything else, including who you sleep with. We’ll see how it works out.


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