More Bread, Man…

The idea of raising the minimum wage resonates with leftists because they the cling to their Marxism and proletarian ideals. For what’s it’s worth, pretty much everybody who actually runs or has run a business knows that if the cost of labor goes up, the motivation to mechanize also goes up (see Detroit). Even people who “support” Obama (whatever that means?) such as the CEO of Panera Bread, recognize that at a certain point, labor isn’t worth what it costs. That is when HE PLANS TO REPLACE CASHIERS WITH ROBOTS, a step he is already putting into place.

Oh man… dining and dashing is bad enough, but TAKING THE TIP TOO???? What a couple of feminine hygiene products and the container that it came in…

The City of Modesto is set to hire Jim Holgersson AS THE INTERIM CITY MANAGER, I believe with an eye towards being the permanent one. Emerson Drake joins us today to talk about the hire and the process and the potential problems.

On your ballot right now is Prop 41, a plan to authorize $600 Million in BONDS TO FUND VETERANS HOUSING Projects. While this is a noble idea and probably n important one as well, the flaw in the pan is the 2:1 leverage required to bid on any of the funds. In other words, in order to get one dollar from Prop 41, the agency or community has to contribute $2 to the same program or project. Usually – in the case of most Federal RFP’s – the match is 10%, and can be cash or in-kind. The simple fact is that with a 2:1 leverage, only communities or organizations with long standing and well funded Vets Housing Programs will be able to competitively bid on these funds. I can also assure you that NONE of those well funded programs exist here in the Central Valley.

The State Assembly voted to BAN FUNDRAISERS AT LOBBYISTS HOMES. They did NOT vote to ban importing illegal Russian firearms and anti-air missiles through the New Jersey Mob to arm the Chinese Triad gangs guarding their outdoor, environmentally unsound California marijuana grows while using the profits to pay off campaign debt and fund the MILF’s (not what you think) to kidnap and torture Chinese and Malaysian tourists. And since the “Day of Reflection” on ethics did not cover the latter, I guess we can expect more of the same.

It’s no surprise that Congresswoman Babs Lee (D-CA) “remembers” that living in California requires a $26/hour minimum wage. She’s spending $507/MONTH OF TAX PAYERS’ MONEY on a car that she doesn’t really seem to need. On the other hand, and in fairness, she is only spending about half of what is allowed.

Here’s the direction we are headed as a State – one California City is passing a law to CRIMINALIZE BULLYING BY 5 YEAR OLDS. Yep… stand by for 5 year olds being perp walked into the local Police Station for calling each other “Poofyheads.”


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