Hiring the Retread

We are putting the final touches on the PowerTalk TownHall on Monday, down at the Double Tree Hotel. There actually is still a small opportunity for you to get your question included. The best way to get it in is to call and leave us a voice mail 565-DAVE (3283).

If you’ve been following the story about the local Teachers Union VOTING TO SPLIT AWAY from the State Teachers Union, it’s been an interesting ride. The other day the State Union tried to invade and take over the local office, but got rebuffed when pretty much everybody on the planet laughed at them. As it turned out, they needn’t have worried anyway and the vote – which has been invalidated – would have resulted in the Teachers voting to not leave the State Union. They invalidated the vote because of “irregularities” in the count, including 19 more people than registered to vote, voting. Odd, huh? But rest assured, the CTA will be on the side of those who deny that there is even a possibility of something called “voter fraud.”

John Hunstman weighed in to explain to us that the GOP “CAN’T IGNORE CLIMATE CHANGE,” which strikes me as odd for several reasons. Not the least of which is the insane panic over this whole thing. The simple and unarguable fact is that humanity is far more likely to be wiped out by an actual natural disaster, such as a asteroid or comet striking the Earth. By the by, NASA and scientists around the world agree that there is a 100% chance – the science is settled – that we will be hit by one (or more) at any moment. Yet, Congress refuses to provide and funding to set up the asteroid search system that have been requested. Why?

The City of Modesto has decided to hire Jim Holgersson as the interim City Manager, presumably with an eye to making the position permanent. Our friend EMERSON DRAKE HAS DUG INTO MR. HOLGERSSON and found that his last position as City Manager of Arlington, TX did not end well. I personally am not a big fan of the type of evaluation system that the City of Arlington uses, which ended up with Mr. Holgersson resigning in disagreement, but I also presume that the City of Modesto is determined to or already does use a similar system, so it would make sense to look at it from that viewpoint. Of more interest to me is the OMB Circular 133 Audit performed just around the time that Mr. Holgersson left the City of Arlington, which states that there were some internal control issues, including technical hits for inventories and reimbursement systems. I am not convinced that every City doesn’t get similar hits. All in all, there are questions I would want asked about both the audit and the evaluation before I hired him, but I am not convinced that he is evil and to be avoided at all costs. Kudo’s to Emerson for finding the relevant evaluation and pointing to potential problems with the hire.

Seems odd to me that Hollywood elites are getting their undies in a wad over the Sultan of Brunei inflicting Sharia Law on his own nation. The basic claim is that he is both a hypocrite since HE IS SAID TO HAVE VIOLATED SHARIA HIMSELF and because it is unfair to women, since Sharia treats women in a decidedly un-western way. I say it’s odd as they boycott his Hollywood Hotel (story HERE) that has been their favorite for so many years, but they completely ignore the questionable moral behavior in their own ranks towards people who are unable to defend themselves. It seems that Hollywood has a reputation for mistreatment that would rival that of Sharia Law, except maybe for the stoning and whippings I suppose. WHEN IT COMES TO SEXUAL PREDATORS, the Hollywood elite is right up there with the Sultan. Maybe they should clean up their own house before demanding others do the same?

Today on The Dave Bowman Show – Burt McChesney joins Dave to talk about Prop 41


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