$26 an Hour?

So a guy gets arrested after “disturbing the peace” by exceeding the two minute limit on speaking to his local school board about why they are GIVING PORNO BOOKS TO 9TH GRADERS? There has to be more to this story. I get that the book is basically a porno and inappropriate for my 9th graders, and probably yours as well (I haven’t read it, but Producer Kevin has, and he assures me it is juicy and licentious). The Board was obviously prepared for some sort of outburst, and they knew it was coming. The District says that they “forgot” to notify parents that they would be assigning the porno book  for reading, but I find that far fetched. It seems more likely that they just didn’t bother. The District claims that the book, “contains important themes about school shootings,” but it seems to me that there are better ways to discuss these things than by having the teens in the book have some sex. It’s not exactly “The Outsiders” of my own Junior High School experience (it’s just like West Side Story without the cool music and dancing). I get that teenagers are basically raging balls of hormones – hell, we’ve all been there – but oddly enough, millions of generations have managed to get through life without the school system giving them pornography. I’m pretty sure that I too would have been arrested at that meeting.

This story of a wrongfully convicted former police officer is a perfect example of what we talked about on THE LATEST EPISODE of Constitution Thursday – The Saturday Podcast (FACEBOOKPage). Why is the government allowed unlimited time and resources to “investigate” in a the sloppiest of manners with pre-drawn conclusions and violations of Holmes’s maxim? In this case, eight months of interrogation of eight and five year olds until the finally “gave the police” WHAT THEY WANTED TO HEAR.

California’s own Congresswoman Babs Lee WANTS THE STATE TO INCREASE THE MINIMUM WAGE to $26/hour. What do you think the results of that would be? I can tell you one of the effects for certain – no more local talk radio.

I wonder if this new Russian law that REQUIRES BLOGGERS TO “REGISTER WITH THE GOVERNMENT” is an attempt by a repressive, Soviet style totalitarian government to assert control over the media? Or is this just Putin “protecting” his people again?

I mentioned this New York Times piece yesterday ABOUT THE CHANGES IN THE INSECTS around Chernobyl. Life adapts. It always has, it always will. At least until the Earth is destroyed by the Sun going nova or becoming a Red Giant. Which, by the by, nothing in the current or proposed laws and regulations will do anything to prevent.


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