Choo-Choo In Deep Doo-Doo

My head still hurts from learning that the State Assembly yesterday set aside all of the actual work they need to get on to and passed a LAW BANNING THE SALE OF THE CONFEDERATE BATTLE FLAG “by” the State of California. Put aside all the free speech and government intrusion arguments for a moment and ask this simple question: WHY is the State Capitol Gift Shop(?) selling replica Confederate money in the first place? The truth is that the ONLY reason this bill passed (and the GOP -1 supported it) was to be able to label the one guy who voted “No” as a racist.

It seems that Dave Lopez, current City Councilman, Candidate for Supervisor District 4 and devoted Marshite when it comes to Salida, GOT MORE THAN A FEW FACTS WRONG when he appeared on the show a few days back (listen HERE). It’s not really a surprise that he made the claims he did, and in fairness, it my be that he just flat out doesn’t know the truth and was simply repeating – ala Jenny from the block – whatever Der Mayor fed him. In any case, he also failed to mention that his donors are more than just “his mom” and few other people, completely leaving out his unions and developer support for his last run. So when it comes to District 4, Modesto, you basically have a choice between a guy who lies, a lot, or a guy who is borderline senile. Good luck with that.

The High Speed Choo-Choo Train is in deep doo-doo. For those of you not keeping up, the Judges have ruled that the plan to build it was basically a “bait and switch” and that the State isn’t following the law in spending money on its construction. The State doesn’t have all the land it needs (hello eminent domain!), doesn’t have enough money to build the entire thing, and hired the lowest scoring on technical and safety bidding company after changing the rules to make the company look better and which just happens to be owned by Mr. Dianne Feinstein. Now the majority party has hit upon a new and better idea to try and force Californians to ride their train – RAISE GASOLINE TAXES $0.12/gal, use the money to subsidize the operation of the train. Oh, and the twelve cents? That’s just the low estimate, it may will be higher than that. The best part is that you and I both know that this tax will get passed, the train will never be built, and the tax will not be rescinded.

By now you’ll know that I am not a big fan of the creepiest candidate running for Governor, Neel Ka$hkari (played by Lex Luther). The great thing is (a) I am not the only one and (b) HE’S EVEN CREEPIER THAN YOU OR I IMAGINED. If you don’t read anything else today, read this one folks. Ka$hkari has a boatload of money and the backing of the establishment GOP. You need to know what you’ll be getting. Fleishman of the Flash Report pretty much nails this in HIS ANALYSES OF THE PRIMARY race.

Shocker here, the Sterling is GOING TO “LAWYER UP” AND SUE THE NBA. Even if he loses, he’s going to case so much scorched Earth loss in litigation and public relations that the NBA may well never recover. Keep in mind that if this goes to court, the claim will be that the NBA banned the Sterling for his comments (the NBA’s exact words), but what about these other owners. And players? This is going to get bloody. And when it’s all over, the PC Police that will descend into the locker rooms and personal lives of every man and woman associated with the NBA in any way, shape or form – including fans, will make sure that they never say, see, read or even hear anything unapproved by the NBA ever again.

I don’t really have the time to chase to the bottom of this, but I am willing to bet that when the ToTaL story comes out, somebody at the company who made this idiotic decision to DISCRIMINATE AGAINST HOMESCHOOLERS is connected – somehow, wife, daughter, husband, 2nd cousin, somehow – to the local teachers union.


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