The Unusual and the Cruel

Speaking purely hypothetically, is an elementary school teacher, say of third graders, qualified to decide what words a child should learn to spell – even if those words might include words which some parents think are not appropriate for the age? In other words, if a teacher decides that students should learn a word which kids would naturally abuse and use in a derogatory manner, let’s just say the “B” word that sets Producer Kevin off so much, simply to make the point that words actual meaning is something other than how it is commonly used, and do so without parental knowledge or approval, has that teacher done a good thing or a bad thing? What say ye? (eMail Dave HERE)

Much discussion and ballyhoo today about THE “BOTCHED” EXECUTION in Oklahoma (Dave’s ancestral home). There are two different concerns here, justice and vengeance. From the latter point of view, it’s clear that there is little sympathy for Mr. Lockett, who’s crimes are so horrible that this almost seems like the Hand of the Divine, except that I don’t personally believe that G-d works that way. Frankly if there is such a thing as Divine retribution in the eternal sense, then why bother striking a soon-to-be-dead killer with a heart attack? On the other side is the justice argument, which by the by, means more than just whether or not a killer gets his due. Could not “cruel and unusual” be said to include the direct causing of a heart attack by botched procedure? It’s worth consideration. Vengeance has little place in a Constitutional issue, but I am willing to discuss if Mr. Lockett’s 8th Amendment rights are in play here and if so, to what degree? I suspect however, that Oklahoma’s Death Chamber will see the equivalent of “California use” for the next few years based on this incident and the suits and motions that it will generate.

Once again a Central Valley City decides to PURSUE DISTRICT ELECTIONS as a means of solving a problem that doesn’t actually exist. Learn from Modesto’s error, Turlock. What District elections do is limit choice, not expand it, reduce accountability, not increase it, and while it may or may not put “more” minorities on the Council, the simple fact is that nobody can show that it absolutely, 100%, not a doubt in anybody’s mind, WILL do so.  And by reducing the choices you’ll end up with your own version of Gundy.

Uh-oh. Boomers, one of Modesto local fun parks, might be… wait for it… RACIST! You see, THE PARK CONSIDERS THE HAJIB DANGEROUS so PLRI members are having a thrombo about the park not allowing riders to wear the garment. You’ll note that the park also doesn’t allow scarves, hats, bandanas or even wigs. But those repressed minorities aren’t looking for an excuse to be offended even if it means that if they get their way they might be forced to sue for damages after suffering injuries caused by wearing such things on the rides. This is yet another case of majoritarian rights being endangered by a small but vocal minority using the protections of the 1st Amendment against society. There will, no doubt, be a protest, claiming that the PLRI is being discriminated against. But the FACT is that there is no discrimination here. Only  group of people who want to be offended at every turn and in every way, who want their rights enforced and your rights denied.

I am sure that THERE IS MORE TO THIS story, but for the moment  I have no reason to doubt that the retired officers guns were in a locker and were destroyed, but nether do I have any reason to doubt Chief Carroll that the guns were in an “unassigned” locker,” which raises a whole bunch of questions, doesn’t it?

As the pounding of Donald Sterling continues, the fact that he is a “registered” Republican has been brought up several times. Have you stopped to wonder how this story would be going if he were a registered Democrat? In any case, aren’t we supposed to judge people by what they do more than what they say? So Where has the Sterlings money been going? That’s right… TO DEMOCRATS. Which could explain why they are so willing to forgive him, IF THE MONEY KEEPS FLOWING.

Producer Kevin’s Note: Remember that show podcasts are always free (unlike some people who make that clam and then ask you to “join”) and available at our website (HERE), along with Behind the Badge and House Calls. Also, even though Dave keeps saying that you cannot eMail him, you actually can (HERE). That doesn’t mean that he will read them, but you never know…


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