Can It Get Any Worse?

 From the “Is it Possible That California Could Get Even Dumber?” File, we present for your kind consideration, SB 1377, a bill to raise taxes. So far, no big surprise, right? Keep in mind though that California has one of the WORST business climates in the entire nation, and seems determined to gain that #1 slot. And since – as every good liberal knows – the real problem with America, and thus California, is “income inequality. So with four State Senators with ethical issues, a $3.5 Billion budget” surplus that keeps managing to disappear in the actual books, a water crises and a huge energy imbalance, what’s a good leftist to do? How about propose a bill that will tax publically traded companies – you know, businesses – based ON THE AMOUNT of “income inequality” between the CEO of a multi-Billion corporation and the Janitor. Surely THAT will even up the playing field… or get rid of business altogether.

I’m pretty much on record as having a huge (get it?) dislike for fake breasts. Trust me on this ladies, the real ones look and feel better. But since advertisers and companies (see above) prey on women’s issues with self-esteem and convince them with advertising that the solution to happiness is large plastic breast implants, the Federal Trade Commission feels that it needs to step in and decide if ads are negatively impacting consumers. Now, Congress has INTRODUCED A BILL to direct the FTC to regulate “photo-shopped” ads to prevent “negative” impact on you and I. Seriously. On the plus side, if the ads don’t convince women to worry about breast size, the maybe this bill bill will be then end of augmentation? I can dream, right?

The only real disagreement I have had with DA Birgit Fladager is over the papering of Judges. While I understand her frustration and reasoning, I felt – and continue to believe – that there was a better way of handling it. The is a factor that needs to be understand both by those in power and by the People. And that is that WE pick the Judges in California. Yes, the are appointed by the Governor (whom we choose), but WE the People, not the State Senate, DA’s or any other body – consent to that that appointment. Additionally we re-confirm the Judges every twelve years AND we have the option open to us of recall them any point during their terms. So my basic point is that WE the PEOPLE choose who will serve as judges over us. This is an important expression of what Professor Akhil Reed Amar refers to as “majoritarian” rights, a concept of which I am becoming more and more impressed. In any case, consider this latest, the California Supreme Court Advisory Council on Judicial Ethics has decided to PROPOSE RULES THAT WILL BAN ANY Judge who has a past or current association with a certain organization that the Council dislikes from becoming a Judge. 


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