The Days Go By So Fast

When I left for work at 10:42am yesterday morning, Ben couldn’t ride his big wheel or his beginner bike.

IMG_6311When I got home last night he not only could ride them, he wanted me to raise the seat and tighten the training wheels. I had to follow him around the neighborhood on a windy and cold evening as he rode as fast as he could pedal and then stopped to point out all of his standard interesting sights, including every satellite dish and TV antenna.

He’s growing up so fast. He’s thrilled and won’t stop talking about starting pre-school in a few months, and he insists on brushing his teeth by himself, including getting the toothpaste on he brush, which he does quite well, surprisingly. I feel like he is blowing through the days and even as blessed as I am to be home as much as I am, on a morning when I left he couldn’t ride his bike, by the time I got home he could, and I missed the moment.

On the plus side, he did pick a piece of corn out of his poop to try, and frankly, I’m glad I missed that one…

Today he wanted pancakes for breakfast but of course we are out of everything to make them, which I suspect he knew because then he “suggested” a trip to McD’s for “pancakes, eggies and sausages. We got into the truck, when he demanded to get out and to go an put on “day time clothes” before we went through the drive-thru. He wasn’t going anywhere not looking his best!

So that’s been my day so far…

The Great California Plastic Bags Ban So We All Die has begun, and like most things it turns out to have been NOTHING MORE THAN POLITICAL PATRONAGE benefiting Democrat Party donors. Raise your hand if you’re surprised. Odd, isn’t it, how quickly Dems are willing to condemn you to illness and death if it benefits themselves, while pointing fingers at the GOP…

Neel Ka$hkari is getting frustrated that his lack of name recognition and money haven’t vaulted him to the top of the GOP Gubernatorial race. So in true “What’s a RINO to do” fashion, he is skewing to the right. This week it’s FIXING THE SCHOOLS that has his attention, which would be a great idea, except that Ka$hkari KNOWS that it will never happen and doesn’t really want it to happen anyway. It’s just an tantrum and fit being thrown by a spoiled Goldman-Sachs wannabe politician who doesn’t think that you are paying enough attention to him. 


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