Very Human Failings

Senator Harry Reid… making things worse since 1987. Look, the Bundy is wrong in his assertions that the Government has no claim on the land and doesn’t exist. But CAN SENATOR HARRY REID BE SERIOUS about “domestic terrorists” and “enforcing the laws” given his own culpability? As usual, it seems that he is serious – at least in his own mind.

I suppose that it’s human nature, but this is now the second time that we have had a major civilian passenger vessel sinking where the Captain both survived AND was ONE OF THE FIRST PEOPLE OFF THE SHIP. That says a lot about Captain Smith of the TiTanic, doesn’t it? One of my all time favorite books (and movies) is “Lord Jim,” by Joseph Conrad, which explores the life of one of these men who fails at the moment of crises. I say this all the time, the hardest day in life isn’t the day you realize that you will never be what you wanted to be. The hardest day in life is the day you discover that you aren’t even what you thought that you were. Captain Lee Jun-Seok has discovered that he wasn’t the man he thought he was, and his life will be filled every day with the reminders of that fact.

I guess I missed this yesterday in the excitement of 16 Year KGB Veteran who got out as a President Vlad Putin’s TV show, in which he took “random” questions – including one from Edward Snowden! – But some lady asked him if he’d be interested in re-conquering Alaska. His answer wasn’t what you’d expect. Instead of saying something to the effect of not wanting a direct confrontation with the US, the fact that Alaskans are kinda like Texans and likely to kick his Army’s ass, you know, a sensible answer, he instead simply dismissed the idea WITH A SIDE SWIPING INSULT.

Science Friday! The DISCOVERY OF THE PLANET KEPLER 186f is another step in the exploration of our galaxy and universe. At 500 light years from us, we will not be around to find out if there is life upon what has to be a pretty cold planet, even if it is rocky and Earthish. But I have said and continue to say, we have to keep looking, even thought I expect to find nothing. The failure to look would be a failure of imagination, a failure of liberty. Every idea – even of the Divine – has to be continually tested and questioned. Blind acceptance of any idea is neither science nor the spirit of mankind. And yes, if there were a way for me to go there, I would. Of course, that would mean guest hosts and “Best of’s” for several thousand years, but hey, it’d be worth it!


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