Disagreement Is Not Dislike (For the 1000th time)

I don’t know how many times I have said this on the air, but it has to be in the hundreds of times. When combined with the number of times its been said off the air directly to the politicians, that number is even larger. It is simple and it is true – disagreement is not dislike. If you’re making a political issue disagreement into something personal, that’s YOUR problem, not mine. You wanted the job, the spotlight, the power and the authority. So deal with the fact that not only ARE you going to questioned and critiqued, according to the people who wrote the Constitution, you MUST be questioned and critiqued.

Perhaps you should consider that if you don’t like the question or having to answer the criticisms, it’s more because the answer and justifications are lacking in substance and rationale than it is because of the presumption of having been asked the question or hearing the critique in the first place. Perhaps you should consider the fact those who dare to question you are in fact, doing exactly what the Framers and Founders wanted done. Perhaps you should consider that We the People are in charge, not you the politician. Don’t like that? Quit. Go back to being a useful and productive member of society instead.

And if in your mind it becomes “personal,” its because you have forgotten that better people than you put up with the same thing and became better people and leaders for having done so.

Yes, the EPA did GIVE AWAY A TOWN in Wyoming to the local Indian Tribes. Yes, the STATE OF WYOMING IS PROTESTING and fighting the EPA. Yes Congress told then not to and yes, the EPA blew them off. No, ex-Sheriff Whack-a-Doodle Mack has not yet shown up with armed militias and put women on the front lines to protest this ACTUAL affront to the authority of Congress and the Constitution. I wonder why not?

At this point of the story, what we know is THE KOREAN SHIP SANK, and that as of this morning, more than 200 people remain listed as missing. Much like MH-370, there will be plenty of compensated talking heads on every network explaining to us in great detail what “might” have happened, and, no doubt, more than a few radio chat show hosts who will inform us that they “know” exactly what happened. Anything from North Korean missiles to the US sank it via submarine to pin the blame on the North to justify dropping bombs on them again. Just wait, you’ll see. But reality is that we know virtually nothing except a few scattered bits of data. The ship was cruising normally, began to list heavily to port, lost steerage and fully capsized.

Of course there are some indicators that ring alarm bells; the alleged “sharp turn to port,” the alleged “collision” with “something.” Those are indicators to me that the Bridge crew recognized some threat to the safety of the ship, but gin, we simply do not know. They may have been caused by mechanical issues with no chance to respond. Right now, we just don’t know.

I will tell you this, no sailor likes to watch a ship die. Seeing the video yesterday and today of the ship roll over and begin to sink is just another reminder that even though humans have been going to sea for thousands of years, the sea is a dangerous place and the smallest mistake can be both deadly and quick.


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  1. Dave, I agree with exactly what you wrote about questioning the actions of politicians or disagreeing with them. A question should be received as an opportunity to accurately explain one’s actions and a disagreement should be received as an opportunity to not only explain one’s actions, not only defend one’s actions and to potentially gain support but to also defend the intended outcome or the avoided consequence.

    I just want to say that while you mind is sharp as ever, it appears your fingers needed a bit more coffee before you kicked off the day.


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