A Rancher Who Is Actually Being Harassed By the Government

For those of you who don’t peruse the Bee, we have this story about Marty Miknus, a local GOP Central Committee member who was – or at least was supposed to be  brought up on disciplinary charges by the Central Committee for DARING TO SPEAK HER MIND about a deal that certainly smells of quid pro quo corruptive influence. When a Congressman introduces a bill that benefits a very small segment of people at the expense of the local tax base, and then receives a $10,000 donation from that small group of people for his campaign – which, by the by, is in a completely different District – what is a reasonable person supposed to conclude? At the same time, the local GOP Committee also received a large “donation” from the same small group. Marty spoke up, and wrote  a letter to the Congressman (Denham) and when she was blown off, she wrote to a letter to the Bee outlining the situation and calling for both “donations” to be returned. For that she was brought up on charges which included – according to the original letter – of making it hard for the GOP to raise money. Seriously. The local GOP also sent her a very nice form letter thanking her for her recent donation to the Party.

We’re going talk with Marty today on the air, as we said on Monday. We have all of the relevant documentation and have known about this since the original letter was sent to her, including the HANDWRITTEN letter from the GOP Chairman that “postponed” her hearing/discipline because, as he seems to put it, it’s still unclear exactly what she’s done wrong. The sycophants will scream “GOP Bashing,” but I would point out that Marty is an elected member of the GOP Central Committee. She has a legitimate concern that has been ignored and squashed by that Party’s leadership. They’ve have really treated her in a small way. Neither is this the only issue of deep concern about the manner in which the local GOP is being run and controlled and financed… but that matter will be obvious as well soon enough….

After the Modesto City Council “explained” the Court House deal at the audience, they proceeded to APPROVE THE NEW Court House deal. But we already knew that this was going to happen.

For those of you who need a Rancher being harassed by the Government but prefer one that isn’t a liar or flat out ignorant (’cause Bundy is one of the two), HOW ABOUT THIS GUY? His ranch (which he actually owns) is on the Mexican border. Since the 1980’s Border Patrol agents have been crawling all over it, tearing up his property and questioning him about his ranching. Since this is actually in Arizona, maybe ex-Sheriff Whack-a-Doodle Mack can get women and children to line up around this guys ranch and stop some actual Government bullying?

As we careen towards yet another “Earth Day” (shouldn’t everyday be an “Earth Day?”), here are twenty-three articles that YOU SHOULD READ in your copious free time to get ready for another day of tree hugging and weird dancing.

Rod Olson agreed to A PLEA BARGAIN in the case of his grabbing of a child (assault?). In fairness, his case has nothing to do with who he is married to, unless it can be proven that some political influence was extended in regards to how long it took to process the charges. Otherwise, he’s just a guy with an apparent anger management problem who you probably don’t want around your kids soccer team. Given his loud and passionate insistence that he was both innocent and that he was going to prove that, the deal is something of a surprise and causes me to wonder just WHAT WAS IN THAT TWENTY-FIVE PAGES OF DISCOVERY that was turned over the defense at the last second? By the way, Mr. Olson contacted us during Monday’s show at approximately 1740, stating that he wanted to come on the show to “explain things.” He was invited to return today at 5pm, with the understanding that callers would be permitted* if they so chose to ask him questions. Alas, he has informed us as of late last night that he has been “called out of town” on business on short notice and will be unable to appear today.

*This was an odd request/statement on his part as he seemed to be under the impression that we don’t take calls when a certain Assemblywoman is on the show either. For those who might still be unclear – NOBODY appears on this show with the condition of not taking callers. Period. It is certain that callers will be screened for relevance, and it is possible that I will turn off the phones to maintain continuity of the discussion. But I make that decision, not the guest and it will NEVER be a condition of appearance.


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