Just Honestly Answer One Question…

1939988_10203594672217515_3257860292054422770_nBen and I went to the Oakdale Rodeo yesterday and just had a blast. If you think that patriotism and fun are dead and gone, go to a rodeo. From the grand entry of the US Flag via parachute, to a Cowboy singing the National Anthem on horseback, it’s pretty clear that Rodeo folks love America.

He went the full 8 Seconds!

He went the full 8 Seconds!

Ben loved seeing the cows up close, and “talking” with them as they and he traded “moo’s.” But his highlight was riding the mechanical bull. Now, I know that I am not  rodeo guy, and Ben certainly hasn’t had any exposure to it, but as we walked through the Fair side of things, he locked onto that bull, saw other little kids riding it and firmly informed me that he wanted to do that too. I wasn’t sure, but he was determined, so we went and did it. He was scared to death, unsure of what or how to do it, but he wasn’t going to let go of that bull for anything. He may not have gotten any style points, but he stayed on it the whole time. And he discovered a new part of the world yesterday. He hasn’t stopped talking about the rodeo since we got home, and anybody who will sit still for more than a second gets shown his picture of him on the bull. Really proud of my little bull rider!

It was a great time, and Oakdale should be proud of their Rodeo!

It was a fantastic weekend – unless you’re the outgoing City Manager of Modesto and/or a Modesto City Council member and/or a landowner on I Street. The Council announced that they will hold a “special” meeting this week to “explain” THE NEW COURT HOUSE DEAL. Although there is a great deal of speculation that once again, this will turn into a “Blame the People for not doing something” session, as the deal has a pungent aroma, like a pail full of dung, of which none can abideth the order thereof.

This was of course, preceded by the revelation by the Bee’s Jeff Jardine of the insane, idiotic, moronic. dictatorial, foolish, senseless, doltish, obtuse – did I mention stupid? –  policy of the City of Modesto about HOW TO ANSWER QUESTIONS from the media. It’s no wonder that the City Manager is leaving, and my prediction is that if this stupid policy isn’t dead before he leaves, it will be the first thing killed after he leaves. Assuming it (the policy) survives the well deserved mocking and ridicule it will receive this week. Where is al that Meaure M accountability we voted for back in 2008?

I continue to be amazed at the Nurses Union material I get to read when my wife receives it. I tell you folks, the Nurses Union is ToTaLly freaked out about the Keystone XL Pipeline and if they had their way, it would never even be mentioned again, let alone built.

Many of you have sent me the meme’s and posts about how the “2nd Amendment” stood up to the government this past week and stopped the Bundy from being “harassed.” Okay, fine. I have one question for you and if you will answer it HONESTLY, we can have a discussion, otherwise, don’t bother:

Can We the People legitimately use one clause of the Constitution to destroy another Article of the Constitution?

Yes or no?

By the By, the Bundy’s claim that “he was there before the BLM” is also complete nonsense. Anybody on Sean Hannity’s show care to do some actual research as to why that is so? Hint: It’s called the “General Land Office, and it was established by the Congress (in accordance with Article IV) in 1812. Yes, the name changed along the way, but the job and the purpose did not. Really, it’s not that hard to look this stuff up.

You can continue to tell me all you want that the Bundy is the victim here. But when you come face to face with reality, the only victim here is the American People, who now have had the Bundy charlatan mislead them and confuse them as to what the Constitution actually says, and now have no understanding whatsoever as to the authority and powers delegated to Congress.

Also, stop with the 10th Amendment, go read it and tell me what “The powers not delegated to the United Stated by this Constitution” means. (Hint, it means that powers that ARE delegated by the Constitution do not fall under the 10th Amendment. Period.)

Whatever you do, don’t let truth and logic get in the way of anger and passion. Keep on not upholding and defending and don’t look in the mirror – you might not like what you see.


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  1. No.

    Dave, I was listening to another show this morning on my way to work where it was stated that Mr. Bundy and the BLM had an agreement that the BLM was to maintain the fences around their land, but did not perform as agreed…that Mr. Bundy had made and paid for said repairs thus, was holding payment in lieu of the money that the Government was demanding.

    I am not claiming this to be the truth, but this is one story that’s out there.

    I don’t recommend that anyone take up arms against the government, that is, unless you want to be the next Branch Davidian or Ruby Ridge.

    On the other hand, SOMEONE was about to steal this man’s cattle. His livelihood. Where do you imagine they were going to store his cattle? I believe Mr. Bundy would never have seen his cattle again. According to the Bible, and I’m no Bible-beater, to steal a man’s livelihood is to kill him in the eye’s of God.

    On that note, I think a rancher has every right to take up arms to defend against the theft of his cattle. I do not think they gained the right, however, to become aggressive once that particular threat retreated.

    The entire event is so multifaceted that there is no clear cut answer, but the answer to your question is simply, No.


  2. I really like this post!!


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