Is It Friday Already?

So… weird thing, circumstances necessitated that I manually board op the Stockton Ports game last night/this morning. After 18 innings, we won (not that you’d know that FROM THE RECORD)… but it was a late night… so no notes this morning….


Okay, now that I am awake and coffeed.. a few notes.

Proto-typical of the leftist mindset is THIS PIECE on Jeb Bush’s comments on immigration being an “act of love.” It starts with a ridiculous and demonstrably untrue  generalization (playing the man and not the ball), claiming that the “conservative base” thinks of “foreigners” (not “immigrants”) in “broad strokes,” as opposed to the more Victor Hugo nuanced strokes in which she thinks. She KNOWS how and what you think, and in her world, you just hate “foreigners.”

Today Colin Kapernick is learning that there is a price to fame and fortune. And that price is that EVERYTHING YOU DO is watched and potentially used against you.

For those of you who left messages and texts proclaiming that Cliven Bundy is the latest incarnation of the long defunct “Sagebrush Wars,” I simply want you to honestly answer these questions:

(1) Are you okay with the leaser of a home of property NOT paying his rent to you for 21 years?

(2) Do you accept the authority of Article 1 sections 1, 7 and 8(necessary & proper clause)?

(3) If you answer No to either or both, what DO you recognize as the proper and legitimate authority?

Again, the Feds have fucked this up beyond all comprehension. But the Bundy was the man who defied the law, the Courts, the taxpayers and common sense with his reckless and irresponsible “range war” comments.


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