The “Blame the Victims” Mentality Is Alive and Well

The “Range War” is heating up. Now Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval HAS WEIGHED IN, blasting the Feds for their removal of cattle from BLM land. This is going to get louder and meaner and more shrill by the minute, but you will NOT hear that since 1993 the Rancher has refused to pay the grazing fee that you or I would have to pay to use the land. He refuses to acknowledge to authority of the BLM or the FACT that the current holder of the grazing rights s Clark County. Years before there was any ruling on the tortoise, Bundy was squatting. Yes, the Feds are over-reacting and yes, there are real problems with the tactics of the leftist environmentalists. But in this case, the facts are straightforward and undisputed – for twenty-one years, the Rancher has refused to pay the fee and the day came when the Government was faced with a suite over its inaction on the matter. There are plenty of points of opposition to the government and its allies on the left where Conservatives can and MUST stand in opposition. But it will be of no benefit to us to choose an issue on which the facts are so clearly showing that the matter is NOT an intrusive government pushing a land owner around.

Der Mayor said yesterday that Oxnard is “GETTING A SUPERIOR CITY MANAGER.” One has to wonder whether the mayor reads his own auditors reports or whether or not he has any clue what is happening in his City? Isn’t it odd that ever since we “gave” more accountability to the Mayor and City Council pretty much nothing good has happened at 1010 10th Street? Morale has plummeted, discipline has fallen apart and operations have become a joke. I talked with a vendor the other day who does business with the City – specifically the folks who bill you for water – and was told by that vendor that Modesto has the WORST Customer Service people by far. People who are – as the audit said – unwilling to work and play well with customers or other departments. Frankly, I am not sure who is getting the better deal, Modesto for the City Manager Leaving, or the City Manager for escaping this madhouse?

Listening to one of the mothers of one of the kids hurt in the knife attack yesterday. Granted, she is traumatized and possibly not thinking clearly, but she also said that it was everybody’s fault – “What have we done to alienate this child to do such a gruesome thing?” – except the attacker. She went on to explain – “in all honesty” – that she knows that we are not testing our children to see how they deal with “social skills.” It was clear to me that she believes that this child was bullied and abused by everybody, family, schoolmates, society in general, not including her two precious children I am sure, and that is why this happened.

What if the “cause” of obesity is just SLOW METABOLISM and that can be solved with gene therapy and prevented in future generations by genetic alterations? Is that a “good thing” for humans?

The recent Supreme Court ruling on campaign donations has its reverberations that are yet to be felt in their entirety, but if you want an ide of how they will effect things, TAKE A LOOK AT CALIFORNIA.

The San Joaquin River has been declared as “THE MOST ENDANGERED” river in the entire country.

Best Headline of the day: “Eye Doctors Say Profits Smaller Than They Look.” (NY Times)


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