One Battle Won, Another Remains

Oddly enough, I ran into something that I’d never seen before. Like the griffin, the unicorn and the extra-terrestrial, other people claim to have seen and believe in the “good” politician, the guy who’s doing it for the right reasons. You know, the politicians who is actually sacrificing something to be in public service. Anyway, after all these years and interviews, I met one yesterday. Do I agree with everything he wants to do? Of course not. But  I was impressed with our off air conversation. The problem, of course, is that today he might be the only exception to a rule that is pretty hard and fast, but what about tomorrow? Even as we were talking, the forces of corruption and evil were already working on him to try and make him theirs, but  have a feeling that it might be harder with this guy than it is with all the others. I’ll watch and see what happens with him. If he can remember why he is doing this, hell be fine. But trust me, pretty soon the party and the sycophants will be wooing him with all the benefits and goodies of serving them instead of the people. I hope that he stays true to himself. It would be be a nice change and go a long way to restoring faith in government.

Recently the Attorney General of the US, Eric Holder (Contempt Citation-2012), said that his office is going to spend some $360 Million+ to “explore” ways to control guns and “diminish” the “misuse we see daily,” so that the rest of us can “enjoy” our 2nd Amendment rights. One has to wonder how long before his outcry over knives is just as shrill and just as stupid?

The Modesto City Council last night voted 7-0 to go the “COMPREHENSIVE GENERAL PLAN UPDATE,” which is what they (a) should have done in the first place and (b) still got a lot of people sniping at them over their insane and now dead plan (to everybody but them) to invade Salida and Wood Colony. Look, the long term war over the ever consuming and expanding of government control is not over, but the past few days have seen a turn in the battle over Wood Colony and Salida. It is now clear to everyone – except Der Mayor and the Politburo – that they are not going to annex the two. But – and here’s where we must maintain vigilance – don’t believe for one single moment that they are going to skulk away and give up. The new battle begins now, and it will be over what gets included in the update. Der Mayor has made it clear even in this action that he intends to grab Salida AND Wood Colony. Only vigilance and common sense will stop him. The first battle s won, the second begins now.

Regardless of where you are personally on the abortion issue, is it the role of government – at any level – to “HONOR A WEEK” for anything?

Did you see the latest celebrity who is now on the GLOBAL WARMING BANDWAGON of forcing people to change? The Almighty Creator of the Universe!

There’s been a bit of buzz about the interwebs lately about a new “documentary” – which in fairness it might be – called “The Principle.” You may have SEEN THE TRAILER out and about, with Kate Mulgrew voicing it and saying, “everything we think we know about our universe… is wrong.” A dazzling array of scientists and unidentified people then roll across the screen with formulas and comments that at first glance make sense, but you still have the feeling that it’s edited oddly. Then one guy comes out and says it, “there’s reasons to believe in a geocentric model of the universe.” So two things. First, it’s amazing to me that anybody would even bother making a movie touting the geocentric model, but second, the fact that the movie lied, misled and flat out stole material to MAKE IT LOOK LIKE SCIENTISTS and even religious leaders agreed with it’s geocentric model theorem makes it a waste of time and reduces its credibility to exactly 0 on the Kelvin scale.

By the by, a “geocentric model” is the new and fancy term for “Earth Centered.” In other words, its the view that the entire Cosmos revolves around the Earth. #johanneskepler #galileo


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