Purple Hearts of Yesterday and Today

COSMOS last night was wonderful. What continues to be missed is how – intentionally or not – the lesson is being pounded that science is never “settled.” It is a constant and changing process of learning. Of proving and disproving, of learning, and of un-learning. When Isaac Newton puts down his magnifying glass and walks away from looking at the spectrum of light, it is a moment of scientific miss one that will take a hundred years before it can be corrected. The Gore-Beckle model of science (“The science is settled”) is no different than that of the governments and churches of the Dark Ages. It is  cosmic “Don’t See, Don’t Hear, Don’t Speak” evil that any one paying close attention to this show will easily see. Science is never settled, “we’ve only just begun to open our eyes…”

Of all the arguments over the morality of war, the most bitter usually comes up over the use by the United States of the two atomic bombs in 1945 which ended the Second World War. When considering that issue, the simple fact is that the bombs, while horrible, saved lives and ended a war that the US did not start. One of the more interesting aspects is that in 1945 while planning for the invasion of Japan that would have taken place had the bombs not worked, the US Army ordered hundreds of thousand of Purple Heart medals that would have been needed to award to those injured and killed in the invasion on the US side. Who knows how many would have been injured or died on the Japanese side? In any case, when the invasion did not take place, the Army was left with all of those medals. What did they do with them? As of 1985, the Army still had most of them on hand. It seems that they have been refurbished and as far as anybody know, the medals ISSUED IN RECENT YEARS were those ordered in 1945.

Turns out that the City Council of Modesto has bigger problems than just an insane attempt to invade neighboring communities. The PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT is falling apart, according to a new audit of that area of operations. I can’t imagine that this news will help the City Manger to move on to the south.

The black box pingers were reportedly heard over the weekend, and this morning it appears that US Navy sources HAVE HEARD THEM too. Don’t worry, I’m sure that there will be plenty of opportunities for Talking Heads to tell us that it’s still a false flag, Bildeberger funded distraction and that the plane, confirmed according to LIGNET sources, is “on the ground in Pakistan. Or possibly Diego Garcia.”

The Six New States out of California is an intriguing idea, but it’s NEVER going to happen. Tim Draper is the GUY BEHIND IT, and while he’s right about the reasons and rationales for the separation, what he seems to forget is that the State itself has the final say in the matter. And if you think that the State is about to let its water and wealth go, you’re smoking something that would be legal in at least three of those new States.


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