Denham on Illegal Immigrant Enlistment


Congressman Jeff Denham (C-10) is in a bit of a snit today over his inability to grasp, in his words, “…controversy from members (of congress) who have never served their country and don’t understand the impact that immigrants have had on our freedoms.” (Modesto Bee, April 5, 2014)

Okay, it’s possible that we are talking semantics here, but the bill he has introduced is specifically to give undocumented (read: illegal) immigrants US Citizenship in exchange for service (ENLIST Act  HR 2377). His statement to the media above, notwithstanding, it’s clear from the opening words of the bill that its purpose is to open undocumented illegal immigrants to enlist in the armed services of the United States.

I have not, nor will I ever be a Member of Congress. I have served in the US Navy, and among the people I met there were dozens of highly motivated, squared away Sailors and Marines who happened to be immigrants. Please note, not illegal immigrants, but immigrants nevertheless. In an odd way, it’s offensive to point out the fact that they were immigrants. They were not there for any reasons other that why all of us were there – to serve. To place their service above any other because of their citizenship status is a flawed thought process, but that isn’t what Denham is talking about anyway even though it appears to be at first glance.

I am talking about people, men and women, who have worked hard and proven their loyalty and trustworthiness to their adopted Country

Congressman Denham is talking about FORCING the US Military to accept and even recruit undocumented illegal immigrants. Why he is hell bent on forcing this on the military is unclear, but there is no doubt that is what he is attempting to do. Presumably he is pushing this bill in the belief that illegal immigrants will return the favor with political support from the Hispanic Community, which most mainline GOP people seem to believe is they key to their achieving eternal power.

A quick survey of Military recruiting sites turns up the following information, you pretty much NEED TO HAVE your citizenship and/or naturalization papers IN HAND when you go to enlist. So how is it a problem to tell kids who came here illegally that if they want to be in the Military (and how many are there who do?) they can follow the exact same procedures and practices that all of those immigrants who “had an impact on our freedoms” followed?


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  1. I semi-disagree with you, Dave. I think it ought to be mandatory for an immigrant to serve a full tour prior to being awarded citizenship as a sort of Pledge of Alegiance.

    But don’t misunderstand.

    I also feel that every able-bodied American should be required to serve. Those with mildly limiting disabilities can serve in more administrative functions.

    I did 8 years on Active duty in the Army and I wouldn’t expect as much from everyone, in fact, if everyone served, two years would be just fine.

    And to nullify your reasoning, I would like to point out that much of the recruiting is accomplished with the offer of $84,000 for college.

    You and I? Perhaps $12,000 that we had to pay 10% up front to get wasn’t enough to join, however, when my son’s Navy recruiter told us about the $84k and how it can now be transferred to your kids, I asked him to bring ME a pile of enlistment papers! That’s significant!


    • Any Immigrant, who is legally here, I agree. A illegal immigrant, not a chance…. Again, if (as the Congressman said) Immigrants have made such an “impact on freedoms,” they did so following the rules. Why change the rules to allow people who have NOT proved their trust, nor demonstrated that they can follow instructions (orders?) into the forces that defend those freedoms?


    • It is interesting how people point to their service to justify their opinion on the situation. Whether one served or not and who they served with has no bearing on the debate. This is a matter of constitutionality, sovereignty and law. Congress has the authority to set the immigration policy and it has. The US sovereignty is undermined by a huge influx of immigrants who have no reverence for this Republic. The president/executive branch are to execute the laws regarding immigration, which he/they have failed.

      Denham has had multiple opportunities to justify his position and he has resorted to emotional appeals pointing to his father in law’s naturalization (he did it the right way) and people in the military (who also did it the right way) which do nothing to support his position that we should make the military the back door for those that don’t want to wait in line, for mexican gang members and for narco-terrorists who are looking for top of the line, elite training for free.

      Denham has been pro-amnesty the entire time, but has just been trying to find a way to make it palatable for his constituency. Just as in the case of his 2008 casino money laundering operation, he has taken to using the military as a vehicle for his agenda. It’s a shame. We should expect better behavior from former service members.


      • Micah, I appreciate your comment in reply to mine, and thanks to Dave, too.

        I just want to point out that I am no fan of Denham’s.

        The reference to my time in the service was intended to support my belief that everyone should serve…that I believe in that not only for other people, but for me and mine.

        I do not support Amnesty in any way, shape or form. I still believe that, prior to being awarded citizenship, an able-bodied immigrant ought to be required to serve. This would clearly have to be accomplished after the language is learned and the same background check completed as it was for everyone else, if not even more strict. I’m talking about ADDING to the requirements, not making a back door.

        I believe you mistook my comment as being supportive of Denham


      • No problem, John. The reference to military service, while it might cover your comment as well, was mainly directed towards Denham’s reasoning and retorts, which basically tell people that haven’t served, “your opinion doesn’t count here.”


  2. In the interests of PC and equality, we will also be forced to recruit Spetsnaz saboteurs and Quds Forces…


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