What We Know

Here what is for certain – the shooting at Ft. Hood yesterday is going to reopen a lot of old wounds and lead to a re-asking of numerous questions. Everything from “Why aren’t soldiers on post armed?” to “What is the Army doing for PTSD?” to “Shouldn’t we just ban all guns?”

From what we know as of now, this does not appear to be terrorism – at least not in the sense of PLRI terrorism, and appears to have been committed with a handgun purchased off base. If you’re wondering how it got on base, you’ve never been in the military. Believe me, it’s no grand task or accomplishment.

Which brings us round to the issue of Bondo Feinstein and her “comments” about “all veterans are mentally ill” and should not have guns. First off, and despite the already three eMails and texts I received today stating that it was “a quote from the LA Times,” she did not say that. All you have to do is look for it, you won’t find it. On the other hand, what she did say was pretty much JUST AS OFFENSIVE. She did imply that because of the prevalence of PTSD among veterans, AND the difficulty (her words, not mine) in determining who is a Veteran (presumably at the point of sale?) she opposed the EXCEPTION to the “assault weapons ban” for Veterans, but not for Police Officers. Her comments were stupid and ignorant, but trust me on this – today she will be hailed as visionary as one (1) Iraq Veteran with a brain injury and PTSD goes off yesterday. Trust me.

Lastly, I am embarrassed for my profession as yesterday unfolded. Some in our line of work were so determined to make this a PLRI terrorist attack tat the lengths gone to to produce “evidence” and/or “a connection” stretched the most AHT one could possibly create. There is a huge difference between speculation while chewing on a bag of mental Doritos, and declaring “what happened.” And – of course – getting it wrong. My guess is that there will be no retraction, no apology and certainly no mention of the colossal error, but trust me you got what you wanted – and you know who you are.

As I read this, we have $1.5 Million in “non-binding pledges,” to BUY AIRLINE TICKETS from Modesto to Los Angeles, but no actual money. What happens if we start this service, the tickets aren’t selling (you know, like last time we did this) and the whole money guarantee thing kicks in? If the no-binding pledges haven’t become money by then, who forks over the dough?

PRODUCER KEVIN made a great point yesterday,  just can’t remember if it was on air or not, so I’ll reiterate it here, which was that corruption, particularly of the “quid pro quo” variety requires at least two to tango. In other words, it takes somebody to offer the bribe as much as it takes some politician to accept the bribe. You can eMail Producer Kevin HERE and tell him he’s doing a great job. He actually reads them, it’s in his job description.

California’s latest and greatest idea? Open source INTERNET VOTING! Of course there are still some hurdles to be overcome, like that whole “hacking” thing and the whole “Dick Cheny’s in  basement in Kentucky counting the votes” thing, but hey, what could go wrong?

What if President William Henry Harrison didn’t die of being a long winded blowhard? What if… (wait for it…) HE WAS MURDERED! Granted by nature, but seriously, an 8,445 word speech? That should have been ruled “cruel and unusual punishment” inflicted on Americans. I’m surprised that anybody was left at the end of it…


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  1. If you do happen to know a veteran in need of help, try checking out Colonel Mike Grices’ site, it is designed for just that purpose…


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