More Money

Scan0002Most of ya’ll know that my wife is a L&D Nurse, and from what I am told (I’ve never been her patient), a very good one. One of the side elements of being a Nurse is having to go through Continuing Ed and having to belong to her Union which sends out their monthly magazine which she almost never reads, but I do. It’s a sobering reminder of what we have to deal with in today’s world, when Unions that have  whole lot more money than you or I do, can put out pure PROPAGANDA PIECES like the one’s in this month’s issue. For what it’s worth, I’d rather read my VFW monthly or WIRED. The article on Obamacare is even more interesting from a “What the Heck Are Unions Doing?” perspective.

I am still disturbed by Senator Steinberg’s TREATMENT OF THE THREE PROBLEM children in the Senate. Yee he blows off and throws out without so much as a tear. Calderon he puts on  Leave of Absence, but Roderick Wright, the Black Senator convicted of charges that a white Senator was also accused of but for which he was not even investigated, Steinberg keeps him by his side in the Senate, proclaiming him all but innocent after his conviction in Court of Law. Not until the Calderon affair threatened a vote on expulsion did Steinberg let the felon Rod Wright, take  paid vacation. My gut is that Calderon has something that Steinberg fears, has no relationship at all with Yee, and has some creepy typical Democrat need to show he not a racist.

Hey, do you know what there just isn’t enough of? MONEY IN POLITICS.

But there isn’t enough money in California to BALANCE THE STATE BUDGET, no matter what delusional April 1st tales Jerry Brown tries to tell.


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