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I am quite bummed about the rain today. I get that we need it and it’s good for California, per se, but it is a bummer for those of us who were looking forward to going to the Banner Island Ballpark tonight for the final exhibition tune up against the Sacramento River Cats.

I was reading online last night (okay, technically early this morning) and I was fascinated to read the responses to COSMOS this week. Mainly people who were upset in that they perceived a simple question as an “attack” against Christianity, which it wasn’t, but it caused me to think a bit more about religion and faith and the weather.

It is odd to me that in the Middle Ages (otherwise known as the “Dark Ages”), long gained knowledge was suppressed – violently and officially – in favor of doctrine. The idea of a heliocentric solar system, a round plant and distant stars were somehow or another twisted into heresy, for which some of the greatest minds in the history of mankind were pilloried, harassed and even tortured and some even killed. All in the name of religion AND government.

The ferocity with which those leaders of that era clung to what was so obviously a wrong idea stuns us today. We wonder how they could have (a) gotten it so wrong and (b) been so determined to enforce what they had to know was wrong?

The answer, of course, is simple – power and money.

In the Dark Ages the Church and their appointed Kings profited on belief, and they ruled with iron fists over people who were never permitted to think for themselves or question authority. Even the obvious was simply ignored in favor of political correctness. We scratch our heads and ask how “religion” could ever be so powerful over the lives of men?

Yesterday, the United Nations released their newest Global Warming report proclaiming that the “WORST IS YET TO COME” and to combat the warming of the planet, literally billions of dollars must be spent. From where will those billions come?

How is this any different from the Dark Ages ideas of government and power?

And in the dark past, the surest way to suppress dissent was to limit knowledge. Today, any person who dares question the ideology of AGW is labeled a heretic, a denier, a danger to society. Lives and livelihoods are attacked and ridiculed. Why? For asking a question?

In my theology, faith requires questions, it requires tests. Blind acceptance of any point of doctrine is a path to theocracy and is to be avoided. Does that mean that every question has an answer? Does it mean that I like those answers that I get? Of course not.

Every day Ben’s favorite game is to ask me questions. Sometimes they are simple and silly questions, but they reinforce ideas and concepts. Sometimes they are really good questions, and they are a challenge to answer.  My favorite question of his is “Why?” Like my son who asks his Dad questions to try to grow, I too question my G-d, every day.

The day I stop questioning my G-d and His creation, is the day that I no longer need him. And the day that I am not allowed to question G-d and creation, is the day that I join Rhazes, Servetus, Oldenberg, Bruno and Galileo and Kepler and Copernicus and even Einstein.

I can live with that.


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