Lost Trucks

Happy Monday! Didn’t get to catch all of COSMOS last night, as Ben was having a “Where is my new truck” meltdown and after we finally found it  was too tired to stay up and watch it.  The part I did get to see was interesting, as Einstein is my favorite. I also noted that thy got way from the animated action and returned to actors for at least part of the program.

It’s a good thing that the GOP is putting so much effort into pandering for votes from people who AREN’T INTERESTED IN VOTING instead of their traditional base. This, by the by, is the same GOP that now stands accused of attempting to limit voting – which I would flip around and say that they are trying to prevent everybody living and dead from voting – and on a local level is still under a cloud of suspicion for money laundering by its candidates and its central committees, and is trying to throw out elected Central Committee reps for asking questions and having positions other than those approved by the GOP. The same GOP that is TAKING MONEY FROM THE SEIU for the express purpose of helping to select candidates. Yeah, the problem is that not enough Hispanics are voting GOP…

According to the UN, the “worst” of global warming is “YET TO COME.” Mainly because there is yet money to be made by convincing ignorant people that a completely natural process that is why we humans are here in the first place is “dangerous” and “has to be stopped.” My guess is that this article today has more to do with who’s birthday it is than any actual danger.

Several of you sent me the story about the High School that removed the seating at the boys baseball field because it wasn’t fair to the girls softball team that the boys had gone and raised the money to get the seats. Look, if you think that is a crazy exception to the rule of government emasculation of accomplishment, you’re smoking something illegal. And you’re not ONE OF NINETEEN DEAD Alaskan Eskimo’s who died because waterfowl are more important than people.

If the primary health costs associated with obesity is Type II diabetes, and if the MOST EFFECTIVE TREATMENT for underlying cause of the obesity is surgery, how long will it be before such surgery is mandatory?

Nothing like a little bit of forcing people to GIVE UP THEIR PROPERTY RIGHTS for profit, huh?

Two stories in the Record today show the reality that when it comes to a political race, it isn’t about who’s the better candidate, it’s HOW MUCH MONEY can be raised. So a horrible candidate who does bad things but has money is more likely to be elected than an outsider with little money. And lest you think that this can ever be changed, this is exactly the system that the GOP is fighting to keep in place, by silencing dissent and laundering money. 


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