THE Reason The 2nd Amendment Exists

Have you ever asked yourself why the 2nd Amendment exists in the first place?

Let’s consider some things. First off, it wasn’t in the original document, it was an amendment, one of the first thirteen proposed by the 1st Congress as a trade for the ratification by the Anti-Federalists. And why were the Anti-Federalists so insistent on the Bill of Rights? Because they believed that someone like Alexander Hamilton would come along and say, “Hey, the Constitution doesn’t say that we can’t do this thing…” and then proceed to do it.

Later, the purpose – as stated by the men who wrote it in 1868 – of the 14th Amendment was to extend the same Bill of Rights to the States. And when, at long last, Justice Roberts incorporated the 2nd Amendment, it became fact if not assumption, that neither the Federal Government nor the State of California, can infringe upon our right to keep and bear arms.

Why does that matter?

Do you understand that the people of 1787 were not worried about the King of England, or France or even the Tsar of all Russia coming in and taking their guns. They were worried about the Federal Government taking their guns. In 1868, the Congress wasn’t worried about Napoleon III or Emperor Franz Joseph, they were worried about the State’s taking away the people’s rights.

The 2nd Amendment exists solely and expressly because We the People want to make certain that our Governments – both Federal and State – can never disarm and rule over us in a way that deprives us of our liberty.

For reasons that can only be explained as apathy and disdain, We the People have allowed that to happen anyway, and today we have a government that tells us what we can and cannot eat, what medicine we can have and how much they will allow to be paid for that medicine, takes the fruit of our labor and spends it on redistributive schemes and influence buying.

And at the heart of the ability to do that is that the Governments do not have any fear of the people, led by men and women who have worked tirelessly to disarm us.

Men like soon to be ex-State Senator Leland Yee.

Now do you see why there is a 2nd Amendment? Do you begin to see what it was about that our forefathers were truly worried and concerned? Leleand Yee and his criminal enterprise friends in the CKT are THE reason that the 2nd Amendment exists in the first place.

And from this day forward, whenever some pious gun grabbing Politician claims that the peoples right to keep and bear arms is to be infringed for our safety, we can point to a picture of Leland Yee and state loudly and proudly, “Not as long as we have a government of, by an for the people.”


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