Leland “The Legislator” Yee

Interesting question asked on the Facebook page last night, is the arrest of Senator Leland Yee on gun trafficking charges a “win” for the pro-2nd Amendment folks or will it cause more backlash? What say ye? How will the arrest and exposure of Leland Yee effect the gun control fight in CA? (Let me know HERE)

In case you missed it (and you did), the 9th Circuit Court upheld a San Francisco law that REQUIRES ALL GUNS IN HOMES to either be “carried” or “locked up.” At all times. In other words, you either have to have the gun on your person or secured, even while you are asleep or in the shower. I presume that the gangsters – like Leland “The Legislator” Lee will break in and wait for you to unlock your gun while they are waiting with their illegally imported Russian AK’s, right? Folks – it’s NOT a coincidence that San Francisco is the home of Leland Yee, the criminal arms dealer who worked tirelessly to deprive you of your right to keep and bear arms.

President Pro Tem Steinberg meanwhile, has come out and decided that while he can put up with voter fraud convictions and tolerate bribery indictments, he can’t deal with international arms dealers and TOLD A PRESSER yesterday that Yee “cannot come back.”

By the by, isn’t it a shame the way that some of us are lumping ALL politicians into the same barrel of scum with Leland Yee? Some say that WE SHOULDN’T DO that. But to me, this is what I was trying to say yesterday – what’s the difference between  politician who turns out to be a gangster arms dealer and passes laws that restrict my Constitutional Rights and a politician who accepts bribes lobbying to pass laws that restrict my Constitutional Rights?

The Party that Leland Yee belongs to decided to kill finding for a HIGH SPEED RAIL ACCOUNTABILITY law. It would have required that Federal money could not be wasted spent on CAHSR unless the matching State funds were actually available.

I don’t really know who to believe. Some say that groundwater levels are falling, but now a private company says that IS NOT TRUE.


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