Happy Birthday!

You have to wonder what goes through the minds of City Council people at certain times. After all of their posturing and complaints, it’s now crystal clear that Der Mayor and his faction demanded and wanted and WILL NEVER SURRENDER THE LAND THAT THEY HAVE STOLEN from Wood Colony. While they agreed to “give back” (as per Kenoyer) the land that they had designated as “Ag,” Der Mayor’s faction refused to even discuss the idea of a future discussion to remove the land that they has designated as “Commercial” from the General Plan.

The course is now set. And they have no one to blame for what happens now except themselves.

We will talk with Jake Wenger and others today about what happens next. I doubt seriously that any City Council people will come on, but as I have always said, the chair is open and waiting for them…

Before I go any further today, you should know that today is PRODUCER KEVIN’S birthday. He is doing a great job since he joined the show, and much of what you have heard and enjoyed over the past few weeks is due to his efforts and skills. Rush has Snerdly, Dean has Miranda, I have Kevin. And without him we would not have as great of a show as we do. Happy Birthday, Kevin!

I am pretty sure that I was told that there would be no further delay in signing up for Obamacare (he loves that name!). So I am sure that this NEWEST DELAY of Obamacare (he loves that name!) can’t actually be happening.

Why does anybody take Al Sharpton seriously? His latest slap in the face of people of honor is HONORING A WOMAN CONVICTED of voter fraud.

In Sacramento, people are ignoring the rules about when lawns can be watered. Some 350 CITATIONS were written. I know that its raining today – at times quite heavily – but this is coming folks.

If you thought that the WATER BOND was going to be an easy slam dunk this year, you’re smoking something possibly illegal.

Depending on where you get your news, you may believe that the SUPREME COURT YESTERDAY tore apart the Governments arguments in the Hobby Lobby Case and has already ruled (7-2!) in favor of Hobby Lobby. Not so fast. First off, predicting what the Court will do is at best dicey, but I think that it is irresponsible to be on the air claiming that a victory has been won before a ruling is issued. Keep in mind that this same sitting Court ruled a few weeks back that search warrants aren’t all that critical. So don’t get your hopes up that the Court is going to jump on Team Hobby Lobby. consider this  – because the Court will – IF a corporation has 1st Amendment rights to religious expression, then that corporation can decide who it will or will not serve base on religious beliefs. Do you think that the Court is going to go along with that?


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