Tonight Is The Night

Tonight is the night. Will the City Council do the right thing and abandon completely their insane invasion of Salidavakia and wood Colony? Will Dave Cogdill, Jr. actually show up to the meeting? Nothing that the Council might do tonight is going to change his situation at all, most of which is based in Village One and the new shopping center over there. I have zero faith that the Council will simply and directly do the right thing, but they cannot say that they haven’t been warned. If they proceed further the message to the people of the City is “You’re not the boss of Me…” As I said yesterday, this may very well be the moment that galvanizes locals into getting involved. If the Council can force Salida and Wood Colony to annexation against their will, what are the limits of its power? If the Council refuses to do the right thing, continues to obfuscate and delay and try to “get something to save face,” this is going to get messy.

At the end of the day, this simple fact remains: Salida and Wood Colony do not want to be annexed. Period.

How difficult can this really be?

At least one Talking Head network continues to demand that the Malaysian Plan be hijacked. The reason that the media in general doesn’t hold politicians accountable is because they media itself is unaccountable. For example, there is a former Lt. General making the rounds who demanded that his sources had “confirmed” that the plane was on the ground (landed) in Pakistan. For a mere $300 ($1 the first month, $299 after that) you can join his organization of former intelligence and CIA officials and get their reports about this and other stories. Do you get your money back if they turn out to be wild Alex Jonesian fantasies? Or do you just rationalize in your head that the plane “was confirmed” to be in Pakistan before it took off again to attack Antarctica?

Mayor Silva has decided to turn his private security Army badges over to the Police while they are “looked into.” This one is actually pretty simple – he Mayor just needs to produce a receipt showing that he paid for it and the city needs to confirm that he was not reimbursed for them. Then one of the City Attorney’s – possibly with ethical challenges – can take him aside and explain to him (using small words) why this whole thing was a stupid idea.

Hobby Lobby has its day in front of the Supreme Court today. I see this as a test of Citizen’s United. If corporations have a 1st Amendment right to speech, then they also have a 1st Amendment right to religion. Why would it matter? Consider for a moment the impact beyond Obamacare (he loves that name!) of what it would mean if the Supreme Court says that companies DO have a right to religious expression. You think that the outcry was big before over corporate money and free speech? Wait and see what happens if the Court protects religious expression.

Indiana has announced that it is dropping Common Core. The thought that occurred to me today was that Common Core seems to use word problems to try and work through math by word association. But most people over 30 hate word problems because they are more confusing than regular arithmetic.


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