Evacuation Day

Remember that movie where Chevy Chase is determined to “have a little family fun?” Eventually his trip for  little fun becomes, the words of Clark Griswold, “a quest,” wherein the obstacles and problems must be overcome and defeated on the way to  little fun.

Such was my trip to take Ben to see “Jurassic Quest” on Sunday. After starting the day in Wood Colony for the 4-H breakfast – which Ben and I both really loved –  we eventually made it to Cal Expo, but for us there was no happy ending on rides with nobody else and the park manager rejoicing in our glory. Instead, there was a $10 Parking fee, $40 worth of tickets and a grand ToTaL of two Dinosaurs seen before three old panic set in. That was followed by 48 minutes of sun splashed queuing for a grand ToTaL of 10 minutes of bouncy house fun.

This was followed by a very tired three year old with chocolate milk and a straw that wasn’t working riding in the back of a small car and who was also working extra hard to find the resonate frequency of my fillings. A very long hour or so later, we arrived back home.

Ben demanded to go out the front door of the car, climbing over the seat and plopping into my lap before I could move. He pretended to drive for a few minutes – which means that he emptied the window washer fluid, before he finally turned to me and hugged me and said, “We had another adventure, Daddy.”

That more or less made up for the whole thing.

The folks who are pushing for the County wide Transportation Tax are doing another phone survey of 600 people. Like Measure X, the results of this highly questionable methodology will be trumpeted as “support” for the measure, regardless of what the numbers actually say or the randomness of the actual survey. Nor will we see the actual questions asked, only the results of the final question – would you support a transportation tax?

Now Malaysia has backtracked yet again on the story of the missing Jet. For what it’s worth, here’s where I m on the story: A PLRI pilot and co-pilot are both considered religious “leaders” in their community, the pilot has a heavy jet flight simulator in his home, because apparently as a senior pilot he doesn’t fly enough, his wife leaves him, his political party has its leader arrested hours before his flight over which he is said to be livid, but is allowed to take off with the plane which disappears hours later after being flown in a manner consistent with radar evasion. So now we have a suspect(s) with motive and opportunity. All we need is the body…

Over the weekend an amazing 80%+ turned out to vote in the Crimea referendum on reabsorption by the Soviet Union. Oddly enough, the vote was  staggered 90% in favor of joining Russia. Stalin would have been proud. The Transportation Tax people should be taking notes, too!

Ron Paul came out and accused the US of an “act of war” over sanctions against Russia.

If you missed COSMOS Sunday night, what I gleaned was that global climate change is not only normal, but expected. In fact, we are technically in an “ice age,” and warming is good for life in general, even if it’s bad for homo sapiens in California. In any case, Tyson made the point that I make as regularly as I can, which is that if the environment changes, life will adapt. Which is a fact that seems to escape some out here in the Golden State.

Happy Evacuation Day! If you think that today is only about leprechauns and beer, you’ve missed one of the biggest days in American history! Today was the day in 1776 that the Brits evacuated Boston after Washington fortified the heights around Boston with the cannon from Ft. Ticonderoga. The snakes might have been chased out by St. Patrick, but the Brits were DEFINITELY chased away by Washington and the Patriot Army!

Thanks to your efforts, the potentially devastating quake in Los Angeles yesterday was reduced to a 4.4 with no reported casualties at all. Please, help prevent earthquakes by clicking as often as you can – EVERY CLICK COUNTS – on our website, Power Talk 1360 & 1280!


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