Hit The Decks, a’Running, Boys…

Long story short, we decided to sleep in today, as we had to give Ben a dose of Benadryl at just before 4am. When I did get up, the movie “Sink the Bismarck” was just starting on one of my movie channels and I have a rule about that film, I never skip it. So by the time that ended, Cami and Ben were awake, but we were out of milk, so we headed out to get some (and coffee, of course), having been informed by our 18 year old daughter that she needed us to take her and her friends to the Pleasanton BART Station immediately upon our return, because, she’s a teenager and has to do stuff on an “as it occurs to us” schedule as opposed to telling us so that we could plan for the morning, say two days ago when she knew about the trip she would need to be taking this morning, instead of upsetting the whole normal schedule of our quiet home which would normally include the writing of this blog.

So, my story for the moment is that history and my daughter have prevented the writing of a full blog post today.

Hit the decks a running, boys, and turn those guns around!

We gotta sink the Bismarck, boys, we gotta put her down!


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