The Ribbon or the Man?

Thanks for all the thoughts yesterday. What happened was simple, I wasn’t taking care of myself. To paraphrase myself, what’s the point of paying a Doctor and a Pharmacists if I’m not going to listen to them? My wife made me promise to take the medications and start taking better care of myself. There are side effects of the meds which are not comfortable, but then again, there are side effects of not taking them that seem to be potentially worse.

Twenty-three people injured and two killed by a drunk driver last night in Texas. He was being stopped by Officers and ran, driving the wrong way down a closed off one way street during a festival. I have family at the South by Southwest Festival right now, and needless to say I am a little shaken by this. And who can explain why once again, a person was willing to risk committing murder – and this case did commit murder – by driving while drunk?

There’s been a great deal of hubbub over the the Soldier, who was the #2 Decorated guy in WWII, being passed over for the Medal of Honor, followed by a Judges ruling that essentially ends any chance of his Silver Star being upgraded to the Nations highest honor. I have some questions. First, does a Medal define the man? Is anything that Lt. Conner did diminished by anything a Judge or a General or a Congressman has to say about it? If you’ve read the story, you’ll understand that the event being considered for the Medal of Honor is amazing and intense. But why did the Army, nearly seventy years ago, decide that such an action was worthy of a Silver Star, but not reaching the level of the Medal of Honor? Did Lt. Conner ever express in his own words that he felt that he should have been an MoH awardee? Lastly, why are people mad at the Judge? Doesn’t the fact that we needed Judge to read the rules to us say more about our attitudes and actions than anything else? Consider this, from the MoH Society’s own guidelines:

The deed must be the type, which, if he had not done it, he would not be subjected to any justified criticism.

Could it not be argued that (a) Lt. Conner violated orders in leaving the hospital and (b) had no way of knowing other or not some other man would not have done the same mission had he not been present? Don’t misunderstand me, what he did with was amazingly brave and incredible. Is that defined by a piece of ribbon or by the men who stand here today because of what Lt. Conner did that day?

Here’s what I’d like to see, first, the Military needs clearer statement of the criteria and the rules. Second, from what I’ve read of Lt. Conner, this is Hollywood Movie stuff. Where are the filmmakers looking for great American story of bravery, intelligence and determination to tell on film?

The “Super Double Secret Go To San Francisco” Courthouse meeting decided where we will get our new Courthouse – without having  meeting here or any public discussion or disclosures.

The Bee’s are upset that Tesla Motors is building their battery plant somewhere other than California. “After all we’ve done for them,” is the lament. That’s the problem with that sort of thought process. It’s not what you’ve done for me, it’s what have you done for me LATELY? And the truth is that the State of California is doing everything it can to get rid of every business, even the ones of which it ostensibly approves. Let me ask this, why would Telsa build a critical element of their process in California?

Yesterday’s thunderous speech by Trey Gowdy is great, but the bigger question is, why do we need a LAW to tell the Chief Executive to follow the LAW? Am I missing something here?

And being as it’s Thursday, here’s some Hockey Fight porn:


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