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Yesterday being 80’s Awareness Day and all, I mentioned that I was feeling a bit old. Today I really am feeling every bit of my age, and believe me, it hurts. Although I am not as old as the New York Highlanders, who on this day in 1913 became the hated Yankees. I have had some (what I consider to be) minor health issues of late, but now I am beginning to realize that they aren’t as minor as I would have thought even just ten years ago. I am being sent to see yet another Doctor today, but I am not very hopeful of any quick fix solution.

Whether you regard Edward Snowden as a hero or a criminal, you still cannot unknown what he has shown you. Unless you are Bondo Feinstein, in which case you show hypocrisy over who gets spied on. The funny thing is that we didn’t really need Edward Snowden to show us the stupidity of Bondo whining about the CIA, but for her and those of her ilk, it has to be galling that every time thy make some sort of such statement about the spying and its effect, there he is to refute it. And they have virtually nothing to say about what he says.

So now the Malaysians are unclear about the radar blip that they claimed yesterday was the missing airliner? Back to plan “A,” I suppose….

The President this week will announce plans to expand overtime pay for people who currently work in “exempt” positions. Here’s what will actually happen – those people will make less money. The reason that they are “exempt,” is because of a symbiotic relationship that serves both the employee and the employer. Tilt it away from the employer, and believe me, ways will be found to NOT pay overtime. Tilt it the other way and the employee has no real motivation to stay with the employer. Of course, since the President has never actually run a business, how would he know any of that?

Here is a VERY interesting take on the 2nd Amendment from a pro-gun position that believes that the Militia is both necessary and important. Moreover, he makes some very interesting points about the overall political atmosphere – including the effect of the draft – on gun ownership.

The Modesto City Council last night, approved the “spending plan” for the proposed Transportation Tax. This despite the fact that STANCOG’s own telephone poll of 600 (yep!) registered voters showed it falls FAR short of the 2/3r’ds needed to pass. Now that gasoline prices are soaring again, and even the Fed’s are toying with raising the gasoline tax, it’s the perfect time to screw the consumer even more with vague grandiose promises in exchange for higher taxes.

By the by, the announcement was made last night of the start of the recalls. Surprisingly enough, the first one is aimed at Dave Cogdill, Jr., and isn’t over Wood Colony. Instead his is because of Marketplace Shopping Center at Oakdale and Floyd. We did actually have a taped interview with John Walker for yesterday, but we had  tech glitch and weren’t able to play it for you.

Lastly, remember that we all need to do our part to stop earthquakes. You can help us to stop this scourge simply by clicking as many times as possible on our website (HERE). remember, it’s easy and simple and we’re not asking for money or anything else, just a few dozen clicks several times a day will go a long way to help stop earthquakes. Get your friends and family to help to! Everybody can do their part in just a few clicks a day, by going to our website (HERE) and Click to Stop the Shake! Power Talk and The Dave Bowman Show are committed to doing everything that we can to stop earthquakes, but we can’t do it alone, we need you to help, by clicking on our website, as many times as possible every day. Thanks, and G-d Bless You!


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