Limiting Your Choice to “D” or “R”

History is replete with stories of people who died for their beliefs. As we spoke of yesterday, men like Giordano Bruno, who was burned at the stake for his pantheism and heliocentric views. Jan Huss, Joan d’Arc and so on. But how many more untold stories are there about the people who did recant, who did decide that life was more precious than a belief in something? I’ll grant you that you don’t become famous that way. Nobody knows the names of the soldiers shot by Union Generals for desertion in the Civil War. But I often wonder how dedicated we really are.

Our main idea, as Patriots, is liberty. But what are we willing to do for liberty? How far would any of us actually go – in today’s world – to protect, defend and promote liberty?

Awesome! Senator Bondo Feinstein is upset about how the CIA “may” have violated the Constitution, now that they “may” have done it to her.

Here in California you can get a grant to go to college if you are an undocumented illegal immigrant. But if the Governor gets his way, grants for FFA education will be cancelled.

The Modesto Bee seems to feel that thanks to Prop 14, this will be an exciting Primary election. Maybe, but the problem is that you will be reduced to exactly and ONLY two choices in the General. Period. No write in’s, no protest candidate votes, no selection other than the two you’ve been given. If the limiting of choice in the election that actually counts to only D and R is so great, how come the Framers didn’t think of it? Furthermore, those of you who belong to 3rd Parties understand that you will still have to vote D or R, right? So even though Californians are leaving the D and R in droves, the choice we will still have at the end of the day is… D or R.

Sexy Tim Donnelly challenged Neel Ka$hkari to a debate. No word on what the available weapons would be.

In case you missed it (and you did), Senate Democrats held an all-night long “not-a-fillibuster-we’re-just-talking-all-night” event to “flag climate change.” At no point did they discuss how the ancient people of California failed to prevent warming that melted the glaciers of the ice age and created Lake Tahoe for the Senators to enjoy. It’s almost like they don’t actually accept the Theory of Evolution, they just believe that like the Dinosaurs, a change in climate will eradicate mankind from the Earth.

In case you still think that there is a “budget surplus” in California, which is a phrase used by the Governor and leading Democrats very carefully so as to avoid any actual discussion of the finances of the State, the Controller released his monthly report yesterday. In it, you will read this:

“Driven by strong retail sales and personal income tax withholdings, February receipts poured in at nearly $1 billion above projections”

And you will read about how we are “ahead of projections,” at least twice in the first few paragraphs. What will not be reported by the news or stated by any leader of any political stripe is what is in the final paragraph – that we have a net cash deficit of $14 BILLION, which we are covering with creative accounting and borrowing.

Folks, listen carefully – there is NO surplus.



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