Girodano Bruno

Yes, like many of you (and I know others of you did not), I watched COSMOS last night. Twice. There were high points and low points. On the bad side, I am not big on the “cartooning” of the historical vignettes. I also wasn’t certain that the story of Giordano Bruno as an example of men of science believing in a heliocentric solar system and being punished and burned for that belief was the best way to show that story. Bruno was burned at the stake… in 1600… and not specifically for his heliocentric views, but rather his pantheism and belief in magic. It’s important to note that little of what he believed – and taught and preached – theologically, was acceptable to Rome or the Reformation. The Lutherans excommunicated him as well.

Still, his willingness to go to the stake for what he believed had me writing in my notes last night: How far are we willing to go for what we believe? We all say that we would do the utmost, but I wonder how many would recant whatever belief is held, and how many would beg for their lives as the flames are lit?

As always, the Cosmic Calendar display was humbling – at least for those of us who accept a 13.4 Billion year Universe.  To think on that grand of scale is always a little reminder of how small we really are. Which is why  often say tat I don’t need faith to believe that there is a G-d. I need faith to accept that in all of this, He cares about little old me.

The closing segment, with its personal tribute to Carl Sagan was powerful. To see the connection from one generation to the next is awe inspiring and should be a lesson for all of us. Who is the person we want want t be? And how do we connect with the next generation to pass on those values and principles?

I give the first episode an “A.”

Really weird experience going to see the Google Barge yesterday. I think that we saw it, but I am not certain….

The Washington Post has weighed in (via the Modesto Bee) on the issues of the Flags of the 5th of May. Guess who’s fault they thin the whole thing was?

A large earthquake his us last night (report HERE). I didn’t feel anything, did you?

As we are spending tax dollars on this person, shouldn’t Jerry Brown be looking for the BEST APPLICANT for the job of State HR Director instead of just a “non-white” person?

Another year, another Paul wins the 100% meaningless CPAC straw poll.


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