Third Time’s a Charm…

This is the third time I have written these notes this morning. Between a crying three year old and a balky computer, if it doesn’t work this time you’ll just have to skip it today…. unless this time works, of course. Then you won’t.

According to THIS, some 91% of the 29,696 people in the five county valley are who have managed to sign up for Covered California are “eligible” to receive subsidies (assuming they aren’t going directly to Medi-Cal). Another way to read that is that 8.5% (or 2,539) of the people who signed up for Covered California are paying for the rest.

I have always been fascinated by fossils, and the Trilobites are among the coolest ones. I actually don’t have one, but imagine a planet where these creepy looking Trilobite things are crawling all over everything!

So are we all in agreement now that yesterday’s hubbub about the guy who invented bitcoin was not actually the guy who invented bitcoin? Also, the gal who killed herself this week overseas was not the inventor of bitcoin, she was the CEO of her own bitcoin exchange which “wasn’t taking off,” probably because most people look at bit coin the same way we look at the guy trying to pay for stuff with Confederate dollars or telling us about how much money we can make working part time from home. I get that there are both reasons for bitcoin and people who are really, really into bitcoin. But it isn’t worth a life.

El Niño is supposedly coming back, which could – if you can trust a weather predictor – ease the drought. Or, maybe it won’t. It seems like even though they know the El Niño is here, they have absolutely no clue what it actually does. Raise your hand if you’re really surprised by that.

We all think that California and its lobbying idiocy is insane, but trust me, Sacramento is and always will be, the minor leagues. To see the real influence buying, you have to go to Washington, D.C.

Speaking of Sacramento, here they come with more rules about lobbying gifts again. If they couldn’t follow the last ones, why do we think that thy will follow these new rules to reign them in? Perhaps some advice for the State Legislators from a person they ought to listen to:

“[I]t may not be a little dangerous, to beget in the minds of our own Countrymen, a Suspicion that we do not pay the strictest Observance to the Maxims of Honor and good Faith. It is prudent to use the greatest Caution, not to shock the Notions of general Justice and Humanity, universal among Mankind, as well in a public as a private View: in a Business, on the side of which the Passions are so much concerned as in the Present, Men would be readily disposed to believe the worst and cherish the most unfavourable Conclusions.” -George Washington, 1778

The original Cosmos remains one of my all time favorites. I have read the book underwater and on land. I was entranced and educated by the TV show, and I hope that the reboot meets my high expectation of the show.


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