Why is Putin?

The “Blame the USA” crowd has weighed in with their latest missive. Remember how 9-11 is actually our fault because we abused and debased the PLRI until they could no longer take it anymore and had to fly planes into buildings (I am assuming that includes our victory in the Barbary Coast Wars)? Now the latest from the “Blame US” crowd deals with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In this newest theory, Putin himself, is our fault. Yes, you read that correctly. You see, if only we hadn’t brought down the Soviet Union and then stood by cheering while it broke apart, there would be no Putin. No Putin, so Ukraine invasion.

So Russia Today’s Washington, D.C. based reporter Liz Wahl quit her job as a reporter on the air, which has twitter and the internet abuzz. BFD. If her story is true, and her grandparents escaped from Soviet aggression in 1956, and if she really is the daughter of a veteran and if her “partner” is actually working at a military base, why was she working for the Russians to begin with? Money? Look, I’m glad she quit and glad to stick it to Putin, but really, the RT coverage of the situation with Ukraine has been bad for a long time.  Let’s face the facts, since it was founded in 2006, RT has been “the mouthpiece of the Kremlin,” with reporting that “reflects poorly on the American government.” So really, am I supposed to believe that Liz didn’t know all that? Anybody can quit with a bang when its easy and popular. Real character would have done it a while ago and not worried about the publicity. But I’m glad that she did quit. And it will bring attention to the actions of the American puppet, Putin. Wait, I meant that it will bring attention to what Putin is doing, not that America will do anything about it.

Producer Kevin and I were talking after the show last night, and as we were debriefing the whole thing I realized that on the air I had not made the point I meant to get to – and that is the DIFFERENCE between the media manipulation by Sam Adams and Paul Revere in 1770 and those who manipulate the media today. It comes down to intentions and goals. The Patriots were attempting to rally men to a cause – in this case, Liberty. Today virtually all media manipulation is aimed at promoting a person who seeks to gain power.

Keep something in mind here, even though the Berryhill’s are being fined $40,000, it’s not enough to deter future similar behavior. How do we know that? Because the StanCo Central Committee is still on the hot seat – along with others – for another similar, but larger – money laundering scheme.

The Wood Colony debate has one question that doesn’t get asked as much as it should, “Whither Terry Withrow?” His apparent support for the project has lead to at least one challenger for his Board of Sheep Seat to step up and try to unseat him, specifically over the Wood Colony issue.




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