The Boston Incident

Today is the anniversary of the Boston Massacre. In 1770, things got  bit heated one evening, and when it was over, the first blood of the Revolution had been spilled and an iconic American moment had been born. It wasn’t quite the way we like to remember it, and today we will talk with Robert J. Allison, the Chair of the History Department at Suffolk University in Boston about what actually happened and about what we can learn from the incident.

Wood Colony Disease has now infected Oakdale. Over the objections of its citizens and those who “can’t vote for us anyway,” the Oakdale Council went ahead and voted to approve their growth plan including adding over 500 acres of development. Their argument is that they cant stop it, so they might as well go ahead with it. Today we will speak with The Oakdale Leaders’ Richard Paloma about the meeting

I also continue to be amazed that Modesto is all but demanding that Salida negotiate with them, and “give something,” presumably so that Modesto, which started this whole fight, can save face.

Speaking of the “can’t stop it theory,” the California League of Cites and the Police Chiefs Association have both dropped their unconditional opposition to legalization of marijuana and have adopted a position of regulate it and restrict it.

At least eighteen California legislators attended “Policy Conferences” on Maui at the expense of special interest lobbyist groups. Think about this, YOU cannot afford to take our legislator to lunch, let alone Hawaii to “talk” about the issues. 


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